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Past: Oct 2019

4th-6th Oct Schools Trials (Strand)

25th Oct Ian Ryan (Sweet Valley)

Past: Nov 2019

2nd Nov Swartland (Malmesbury)

9th Nov CTA #4 (Strand)

16th Nov CTA #4 Level 1 (Faimont)

Past: Dec 2019

1st-4th Dec WC Champs (Stellenbosch)

9th-12th Dec SA Schools Champs (Pretoria)

15th Dec Open Water (Lomond)

15th-22nd Dec KZN Champs (Durban)
Vineyard Touring Team

Past: Jan 2020

10th-11th Jan Grand Prix #1 (Nelspruit) – Level 3 & above
Vineyard: Hannah Pearse & Michaela de Villiers

18th Jan Cape of Good Hope (Fairmont) – All Levels

18th Jan Inter Districts (Strand) – Selected team, Level 2 & 3
Selected team. Vineyard: Ashleigh, Amy, Camron, Sasha, Kyle, Isabella

24th-26th Jan CTA Qualifying Gala #3 (Strand) – All Levels
Entries opened 27th Dec 2019, closed Mon 6th Jan 2020 at 6pm

25th-26th Jan WCD Qualifying Gala #3 (West Coast District, Malmesbury)
This is a non-CT Aquatics qualifying gala, hosted by West Coast District
Entries opened 3rd Jan 2020, close Mon 13th Jan 2020 at 6pm

25th Jan Around the Rocks Open Water (Big Bay)
Entries OPEN on Big Bay Events web site


Jan 2020

31st Jan-2nd Feb Grand Prix #2 (Stellenbosch) – SANJ or SA Youth
Entries opened 27th Dec 2019, closed Mon 6th Jan 2020 at 6pm

Feb 2020

1st Feb Bridge House Mile Open Water (Boschendal)
Entries are OPEN

8th-9th Feb WC Open Water Champs (was Knysna, updated to George)
Entries are OPEN

14th-16th Feb CTA Champs (Strand) – L2, L3, SANJ+
Entries are OPEN

21st-23rd Feb Grand Prix #3 (Durban) – SANJ or SA Youth
Entries open 26th Dec 2019, close Mon 13th Jan 2020 at 4pm

22nd Feb West Coast Swartland Invitational #2 (Malmesbury)
All Levels

22nd-23rd Feb CTA Future Stars Qualifying Gala (Reddam Somerset West) -Level 1 only

29th Feb-1st Mar WC JC Champs (Oudtshoorn)
Level 2 only

Mar 2020

7th Mar CTA Relay Challenge (Strand) – All Levels

7th-8th Mar SA Open Water Champs (Marina Martinique)

14th Mar SA Level 1 (Intra Provincial District, Club) – CTA District (Reddam) – Level 1

16th-19th Mar SA Level 3 (Regional, Club) – Oudtshoorn – Level 3
NOTE: Date and venue change. Oudtshoorn is correct.

27th-29th Mar SA Level 2 (Regional, Club) – Malmesbury – Level 2
NOTE: Venue change. Malmesbury is correct

30th Mar CTA Future Stars Invitational Champs (Reddam) – Team Selected
Level 1

April 2020

4th-9th April SA Nationals (Provincial) – Kings Park, Durban – SA Youth

11th-15th April SANJ (National Junior, Club) – Kings Park, Durban – SANJ

18th Apr WCA Inter District L1 Team Champs 2020 (Knysna) – Selected District Teams, Level 1

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Google Calendar of Galas

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