Gala: Swartland Invitational Gala – Sat 2nd Nov 2019 – Malmesbury – RESULTS


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Malmesbury Public Swimming Pool, Lang St, Malmesbury
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Final Reports (31st Oct)

Session Report

Entries List (by Club)


Good day all

Please find attached the final Officials reports.

Both session 1.1 & 1.2 needs to report for briefing at 8:00.
The change over from session 1.1 to session 1.2 will take place at 10:45,
Both session 2.1 & 2.2 need to report for briefing at 14:30.
The change over from session 2.1 to session 2.2 will take place at 16:00

We will announce when session 1.2 & 2.1 need to report for take over.

Due to scratching, we are short of judges. If any clubs have extra judges available please let us know ASAP. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

3rd Set of Reports (30th Oct)

Dear CTA Clubs

Attached are the temporary session report and entry lists (V3). There’s still some scratchings that need to be done, so we will send out the FINAL reports out tomorrow morning. 

Also attached is the official list. We will have 2 sets of officials in each session. As the sessions are quite long, we will have a change-over in the middle of the two sessions. We will send out the times where the change over will take place tomorrow with the final set of reports. 

You can also let your parents know that we will have the Rugby World Cup final on big screen Saturday. 

Kind Regards
Swartland Swim Club Coaches

2nd Set of Reports (29th Oct)

1st Set of Reports (24th Oct)

Vineyard entries sent to Swartland (23rd Oct)

Entry reports (20th Oct)

Entry report (17th Oct)

Swartland Invitational Gala

Sat 2nd Nov at Malmesbury 50m outdoor rim-flow pool

Entries here please

The closing date for this is the 7:30 PM on Thursday 17th Oct.
We strongly suggest as many of you attend as possible!

Entries here:

Gala Information

SESSION #1: 09:00
— 100m Backstroke
— 50m Butterfly
— 200m Individual Medley
— 50m Breaststroke
— 100m Freestyle

SESSION #2: 1 hour after Session #1 has finished
— 400m Individual Medley
— 100m Breaststroke
— 50m Backstroke
— 100m Butterfly
— 50m Freestyle

▪ Vineyard will be there in force, including coaches
▪ Gala is for all Levels
▪ No limitations on the number of events entered, the more the better!
▪ Excellent opportunity to practice your racing in outdoor 50m pool

Google map

Malmesbury Public Swimming Pool, Lang St, Malmesbury
Google map:



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