Gala: Inter Districts Prestige Gala (IDPG’20) in the Strand on 18th of January 2020 – RESULTS

Strand indoor 50m pool
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Vineyard swimmers (11th Dec 2019)

Swimming for CT Aquatics district team:

  1. Briers-Danks, Ashleigh (12) F
  2. Combrink, Amy (10) F
  3. Elliott, Camron (16) M
  4. Naidoo, Sasha (13) F
  5. Swan, Kyle (12) M
  6. Webber, Isabella (12) F
Isabella, Ashleigh, Amy, Sasha, Kyle & Camron

Swimming for Nelson Mandela Bay district team:

  1. Riziki Magotsi (9) F

Vineyard entries

Individual Events

Relay Events


Reports (7th Jan 2020)

Announcement (28th October 2019)

Dear CTA Clubs

Congratulations to the following swimmers for being selected to compete in the Inter Districts Prestige Gala in the Strand on the 18th of January 2020.

Attached please find all relevant information and documents.

*** Please forward to your swimmers ASAP***


Please note: Should forms 1 to 5 not be submitted via email to me by the 15th of November 2019, the selected swimmer’s place in the team will be forfeited and the reserves will be contacted to submit their documents and take the place of forfeited swimmer(s).

  1. Confirmation of participation – 9am Friday 15th of November 2019
  2. Code of Conduct – 9am Friday 15th of November 2019
  3. Indemnity Form – CTA – 9am Friday 15th of November 2019
  4. Indemnity Form – Back2Basics – 9am Friday 15th of November 2019
  5. Clothing sizes & add order form – 9am Friday 15th of November 2019
  6. Proof of Payment – 9am Friday 29th of November 2019

Note: Scroll to the end of this page to Download the forms

The Team for 2020 Inter District Prestige Gala

AQDOGamieldien, Suhail  (15)M
AQDOSheraton, Dylan K.  (16)M
AQWOHarper, Jared  (19)M
AQWOHarper, Ryan  (17)M
AQWORodrigues, Tiago M.  (13)M
ASACDe Kock, John P.  (10)M
ASACHaupt, Rhys A.  (10)M
ASACSa, Diogo C.  (17)M
ASACVerhoef, Lara  (10)F
ASACWhitesman, Matt D.  (14)M
BARRBoonzaaier, Gideon  (10)M
BARROrchard, Christina M.  (9)F
BARRShao, Jianan J.  (10)M
BARRVoges, Johan-Hendrik  (16)M
BLMAKarsten, Jody  (12)M
BLMAKarsten, Luca  (14)M
BLMAKotzè, Victor M.  (10)M
BLMAMöller, Kayleigh  (17)F
BLMAPieterse, Jake M.  (16)M
BLMAWaters, Steven G.  (10)M
CUDUGray, Stuart M.  (14)M
CUDUKriegler, Joanica C.  (15)F
GREYCronjè, Danielle  (11)F
GREYMorton, Tayler R.  (12)F
GREYVd Merwe, Simone  (12)F
HURAQCornish, Jeyaad  (14)M
MANTAbrahams, Zarah  (14)F
MANTBadenhorst, Courtney  (15)F
MANTBadenhorst, Storme  (10)F
MANTChippendale, Logan T.  (13)M
MANTHarris, Gemma  (12)F
MANTJagers, Ryan  (17)M
MANTMcPetrie, James L.  (12)M
MARLHattas, Amina  (15)F
MARLNel, Ashlin  (10)F
MARLRaubenheimer, Mogamat S.  (15)M
MARLSamaai, Nurul-Huda  (14)F
MARLWeeder, Israa  (14)F
QUICConradie, Niel  (9)M
QUICDe Kock, Elza  (14)F
QUICDen Haan, Stèfan  (12)M
QUICLe Sueur, Louise  (15)F
QUICRademeyer, Anli  (12)F
QUICSmith, Judi R.  (17)F
QUICVan Schalkwyk, Janco  (12)M
REDAQVd Merwe, Quan  (12)M
REDAQWetzl, Franz X.  (12)M
SAAWCupido, Blake A.  (17)M
SAAWGounden, Mikhael A.  (14)M
SAAWOosthuizen, Nicholas D.  (17)M
SAAWPickering, Jenna R.  (14)F
SAAWSung, Siwoo  (8)M
TYGECho, Ziyi L.  (12)F
TYGEDixon, Lucia  (13)F
TYGEDixon, Tara  (13)F
TYGEEvans, Caitlin N.  (9)F
TYGEGreen, Zoe K.  (11)F
TYGELangenhoven, Aimee  (14)F
TYGEMurray, Ethan R.  (10)M
TYGERaimond, Stephan F.  (14)M
TYGERothuysen, Layla  (15)F
TYGEVan Aswegen, Mia  (11)F
UWCAMacpherson, Tristan L.  (12)M
UWCAPheiffer, Jonathan L.  (16)M
VINEBriers-Danks, Ashleigh  (12)F
VINECombrink, Amy  (10)F
VINEElliott, Camron  (16)M
VINEErasmus, Logan  (13)M
VINEJones, Ruth  (14)F
VINESwan, Kyle  (12)M
VINEWebber, Isabella L.  (12)F
VINEWiggill, Kaylee  (13)F
WALMBester, Jehaan  (15)F
XSAQPetersen, Zia  (10)F

Information & Forms

From the Information Letter

Team Selection Criteria

  1. Swimmers must be SSA registered with CTA.
  2. Swimmers must participate in the CTA QUALIFYING GALA #2.
  3. The CTA team chosen consists out of Level 2 & Level 3 swimmers.
  4. Swimmers aged 16&under needs to have Level 2 times.
  5. Swimmers aged 17&over needs to have Level 3 times.
  6. The CTA Team will be selected based on season’s best times since 1 May up until CTA QUALIFYING GALA 2 (long course and short course converted).
  7. The selection panel can, at its discretion, select a team member for an event without a qualifying time, provided that the swimmer has the required qualifying time for at least one other event.
  8. The top two swimmers according to times per event per age group, providing they meet the above criteria, are firstly considered.
  9. Swimmers will compete in 1 to 4 individual events based on the best possible outcome for the CTA District.
  10. Swimmers will be notified which events they will swim on the 10th of December 2019.
  11. The selection panel carefully consider event selection per swimmer based on the best possible outcome for the CTA District; remember, your child is representing the CTA District and our goal is to be the winning District.
  12. It is important to remember that the team is selected by the selection panel, and neither parents nor swimmers can choose the events they want their child to swim.
  13. Where a swimmer is dominant in multiple strokes, national rankings and best possible outcome for the District will be considered.
  14. The TM Program with input from the coach selects the relay teams which are most likely to attain the best possible results for the District.
  15. The District team selection will be final after ratification by Swim Board and CTA EXCO; thereafter the team will be announced by the CTA office via email to the Clubs.

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