Gala: 1st Cape Town Aquatics Invitational Meet 2022, Generation Somerset West, 25m indoor, 2nd to 4th July 2022 – RESULTS

1st Cape Town Aquatics Invitational Meet 2022,
Generation Somerset West, 25m indoor,
Google map:
Sat 2nd to Mon 4th July 2022


Results – PDF reports

Results – Trophy & Victrix Ludorum

  • Vineyard were the overal winners of CCGP – Cape Coastal Grand Prix 2022
  • Abi Kotze was the Victrix Ludorum winner for Junior Girls (12&U)

Results – Team Scores & Medals

Team Vineyard

Vineyard women – Medals & Points

1Abi Kotze6120599.2
2Emma De Wet6120545.4
3Sharli Durandt33111274.4
4Milan Orchard321110440.2
5Cass Burgess24108490.8
6Amy Combrink3191462.4
7Chanel Du Plessis1391505.6
8Chloe Gershuny188480.8
9Jenna Renecle286383.8
10Bria Ahmed3177125.8
11Payton Brink274495.4
12Eri Daffarn273447.7
13Vanessa Jurado273191.2
14Gemma Jones166420.6
15Tyla Charles62137.4
16Riziki Magotsi1154294.9
17Samantah Nimb147365.5
18Mia Van de Vyver42138.8
19Jemma Pearse41403.3
20Sophie Smith131225
21Kate Paxton28190
22Logan Riley25263.4
23Rebecca Allderman24132.8
24Emma Brownlee23126.5
25Kirsten Myers17279.9
26Amy Thacker17237.7
27Imani Magotsi14238.5
28Keira Bottomley13226.6
29Ava Kranenburg7207
30Lily Brown579.9
31Isabella Scarpa3195.8
32Ayla Ahmed2197.4
33Olivia Scott396
34Caitlin Scheepers324.3
35Gemma Haupt311
36Jorja De Beer293.3
37Isabella Rodriques288
38Jenna Morris286.2
39Eve Abrahams271.4
40Erin De Beer266.2
41Sophia Trout248.5
42Lara Wink237.3
43Jemma Hendricks234.5
44Alina Stauch198
45Zoe Muller-Protopappas178.3
46Erin Lewis168.6
47Lily Jason147.7
48Ella Steenkamp135
49Erin Chait125.6
50Sydni Adams

Vineyard men – Medals & Points

1Tai Lee Pearson51117575.3
2Valentino Vergotine*51117261.4
3Wikus Potgieter23105612.9
4Sebastian Cudmore23105419.7
5Luc Bestel2391296
6Noah Wollenschlaeger1185375.5
7Luke Field69452.6
8Troy Jones68435.6
9Nicholas Stanfliet166212
10Wade Beukes46438.5
11Keeno Swarts45493.6
12Peter Etzold143571.6
13Ben Harper34201.1
14Oliver Lange13192.7
15Riley Snyman2184
16Jesse Simpson19280.4
17Micah Potgieter15158.3
18Logan Williams15152.6
19James Louw1590.8
20Matthew Poultney14109
21Grant Nefdt13332.9
22Tyla Amos11419.8
23Yonatan Melnik1077
24Oloff Theron1142
25Chad Erasmus387.3
26Matthew Atkinson333.2
27Tiago Rodrigues333
28Jesse Stauch289.2
29Luca Williams266
30Luca Theron266
31Benjamin Sirin262.3
32Rhys Haupt250.2
33Matthew Myers236.8
34Joshua Wykeham234.4
35Marco Westhuizen232.3
36Tim Farrell231.3
37Rayden Novello227.2
38Nusayr Rahiman215.6
39Gugu Hayim169
40Sergio Jurado138.2
41Aiden Matthee95.3
*Note: Valentino Vergotine actually won 6 Gold medals

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Note 1: Spectators, Covid and TV Screens – UPDATE

  • Please note, that should the current Covid protocols be lifted, CTA will revise the total spectators allowed inside the venue (keeping in mind the total capacity of the venue).
  • Should there be any individuals not be granted spectators tickets – there will be a 20m x 15m Bedouin tent available with 2 x big TV screens, allowing those outside to view the live steaming broadcast that SUPER SPORT SCHOOLS will handle for the duration of the meet.

Note 2: Warm-ups

  • No training equipment (boards, fins, paddles) is allowed during warm up.
  • Lanes 10 & 11 to be used for dives on both ends.
  • Lane 0 is allocated to the disabled swimmers.
  • Please exit pool via the stairs.
  • NO climbing out over the touch pads.
  • More information

Note 3: Swimmers’ Village

  • Clubs are welcome to bring their gazebos to setup on the main sports field.
  • There will be vendors & ablution facilities for all.
  • More information

Venue Diagram

Reports – Updated 22nd, 26th & 27th June, 1st July


Rating: 10 out of 10.

Vendors: Food, pancakes, coffee, metal hangers, sports massage

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Reports – Old!

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Day / Session / Event – Updated

Note: The start times are provisional!
Updated 1st July.
Source document (PDF) – V3 1st July

Day & SessionNowWas
D1 S1, Sat 2nd, 13&O Heats8:00am-12:44pm8:00am-1:08pm
D1 S2, Sat 2nd, 12&U Timed Finals3:00pm-5:32pm3:00pm-5:32pm
D1 S3, Sat 2nd, 13&O Finals6:00pm-8:09pm6:00pm-8:34pm
D2 S4, Sun 3rd, 13&O Heats8:00am-11:53am8:00am-12:16pm
D2 S5, Sun 3rd, 12&U Timed Finals1:00pm-3:33pm1:30pm-4:03pm
D2 S6, Sun 3rd, 13&O Finals4:30pm-6:25pm5:00pm-7:30pm
D3 S7, Mon 4th, 13&O Heats8:00am-11:34am8:00am-12:15pm
D3 S8, Mon 4th, 12&U Timed Finals12:30pm-2:29pm1:00pm-3:00pm
D3 S9, Mon 4th, 13&O Finals3:30pm-5:12pm4:00pm-7:00pm

D1 S1, 8:00am-12:44pm Sat 2nd, 13&O Heats

D1 S2, 3:00pm-5:32pm Sat 2nd, 12&U Timed Finals

D1 S3, 6:00pm-8:09pm Sat 2nd, 13&O Finals

D2 S4, 8:00am-11:53am Sun 3rd, 13&O Heats

D2 S5, 1:00pm-3:33pm Sun 3rd, 12&U Timed Finals

D2 S6, 4:30pm-6:25pm Sun 3rd, 13&O Finals

D3 S7, 8:00am-11:34am Mon 4th, 13&O Heats

D3 S8, 12:30pm-2:29pm Mon 4th, 12&U Timed Finals

D3 S9, 3:30pm-5:12pm Mon 4th, 13&O Finals

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Club, #Swimmers, #Entries – Updated 27th June

2Tygerberg Aquatics62336CTA
3Blouberg Marlins59331CTA
4Aqua Sharks37203CTA
5Curro Durbanville34202CTA
7Marlin Swimming Club30167CTA
8Sport Science Institute31164CTA
9Quick Silver30155CTA
11Aqua Athlete21117CTA
12Lane Leader21101CE
14Aqua Dolphin1695CTA
15Agulhas Aquatics1266OB
16X-Stream Aquatics1864CTA
18Barracudas Aquarama1056CTA
21PEA Swimming1045NMB
22Curro Langebaan844WC
24UWC Aquatics734CTA
26JvR Aqua Sport634CTA
27Quicksilver Winelands732CE
28Khayalitsha Aquatics1129CTA
29Maties Aquatics828CE
30Aquasharks Winelands628CE
32Knysna Aquatics212ED
33Vikings Aquatic Club212BU
34Fish Eagle Aquatics28ED
35Knysna Aquatics Jnr16ED
36Mandela University15NMB
37RSA Junior12ED
* CTA=CT Aquatics, NMB=Nelson Mandela Bay, WC=West Coast, CE=Cape Winelands, OB=Overberg, ED=Eden, BU=Buffalo City

Analysis of Swimmers by Age

Age 6-12CountAge 13+Count
G. Total680Total401

Entries – Older versions

Entries close 20h00 Fri 10th June

Why you need to enter this gala…

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Information (30th April)

NOTE: Only 6 individual events allowed.
Please read the full Information Letter -here-

Warm up

  • No training equipment (boards, fins, paddles) are allowed during warm up
  • Lanes 10 & 11 to be used for dives on both ends
  • Lane 0 is allocated to the disabled swimmers
  • Please exit pool via the stairs
  • NO climbing out over the touch pads


  • Protests must be submitted in writing with a R500 deposit to the Meet Referee within 30 minutes of the incident in question
  • The Referee’s decision will be final.

Provisional Timing of the Gala – OLD Session times

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Check Your Entries – Online – OLD

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Upcoming Galas – List Format

Upcoming Galas – Highlighted

Qualifying Times / Time Standards

Gala Results

Rating: 10 out of 10.

More about Vineyard Swimming Club

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Team Vineyard at this Gala (93)


Vineyard FEMALE swimmersF/MAgeGroup
8 & Under
Ahmed, BriaF88&U
Brown, LilyF909-10
Paxton, KateF909-10
Allderman, RebeccaF1009-10
Brownlee, EmmaF1009-10
Charles, TylaF1009-10
Durandt, SharliF1009-10
Jurado, VanessaF1009-10
Smith, SophieF1009-10
Van de Vyver, MiaF1009-10
Ahmed, AylaF1111-12
Chait, ErinF1111-12
Jason, LilyF1111-12
Kranenburg, AvaF1111-12
Lewis, ErinF1111-12
Riley, LoganF1111-12
Scarpa, IsabellaF1111-12
Steenkamp, EllaF1111-12
Bottomley, KeiraF1211-12
Kotze, AbiF1211-12
Magotsi, RizikiF1211-12
Muller-Protopappas, ZoëF1211-12
Myers, KirstenF1211-12
Orchard, MilanF1211-12
Thacker, AmyF1211-12
Adams, SydniF1313-14
Combrink, AmyF1313-14
De Beer, JorjaF1313-14
Hendricks, JemmaF1313-14
Immelman, Kendra (New)F1313-14
Morris, JennaF1313-14
Pearse, JemmaF1313-14
Scheepers, CaitlinF1313-14
Trout, SophiaF1313-14
Wink, LaraF1313-14
Abrahams, EveF1413-14
Burgess, CassF1413-14
Jones, GemmaF1413-14
Magotsi, ImaniF1413-14
Nimb, SamF1413-14
Stauch, AlinaF1413-14
De Beer, ErinF1515-16
De Wet, EmmaF1515-16
Du Plessis, ChanelF1515-16
Haupt, GemmaF1515-16
Brink, PaytonF1615-16
Gershuny, ChloeF1615-16
Roqriques, BellaF1615-16
17 & Over
Daffarn, EriF1717-Ov
Kuhn, EmmaF1717-Ov
Renecle, JenF1717-Ov
Scott, OliviaF2017-Ov
Name in RED means swimmer has not yet achieved WCSC “A” or “B” times

MALE (41)

Vineyard MALE swimmersM/FAgeGroup
8 & Under
Lange, OliverM88&U
Louw, James (New)M909-10
Melnik, YonatanM909-10
Poultney, Matthew (New)M909-10
Snyman, RileyM909-10
Jurado, SérgioM1111-12
Williams, LoganM1111-12
Bestel, LucM1211-12
Harper, BenM1211-12
Potgieter, MicahM1211-12
Stanfliet, NicholasM1211-12
Theron, OloffM1211-12
Farrell, TimM1313-14
Haupt, RhysM1313-14
Hayim, Gugu (New)M1313-14
Matthee, AidenM1313-14
Simpson, JesseM1313-14
Sirin, BenM1313-14
Williams, LucaM1313-14
Wykeham, JoshuaM1313-14
Cudmore, SebM1413-14
Rahiman, NusayrM1413-14
Theron, LucaM1413-14
Wollenschlaeger, NoahM1413-14
Atkinson, MatthewM1515-16
Beukes, WadeM1515-16
Nefdt, GrantM1515-16
Novello, RaydenM1515-16
Pearson, TaiM1515-16
Rodrigues, TiagoM1515-16
Vd Westhuizen, MarcoM1515-16
Field, LukeM1615-16
Jones, TroyM1615-16
Stauch, JesseM1615-16
17 & Over
Etzold, PeterM1717-Ov
Myers, MatthewM1717-Ov
Potgieter, WikusM1717-Ov
Swarts, KeenoM1717-Ov
Amos, TylaM1817-Ov
Erasmus, ChadM2017-Ov
Vergotine, ValentinoM34Open
Name in RED means swimmer has not yet achieved WCSC “A” or “B” times

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