Gala: SA National Short Course Championships 11th – 14th August 2022, Pietermaritzburg – Updated Entry Reports – 29th July

Thurs 11th – Sun 14th August




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Vineyard swimmers (on SwimCloud)

1Abi Kotze (12)Galas
2Milan Orchard (12)Galas
3Amy Combrink (13)Galas
4Cass Burgess (14)Galas
5Rebecca Fury (14)Galas
6Emma De Wet (15)Galas
7Chanel Du Plessis (15)Galas
8Chloe Gershuny (16)Galas
9Emma Kuhn (17)Galas
10Seb Cudmore (14)Galas
11Noah Wollenschlaeger (14)Galas
12Tai Pearson (15)Galas
13Peter Etzold (17)Galas
14Wikus Potgieter (17)Galas

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Rules & Information

  • SA National Short Course Championships 2022 – Rules (V3 2nd June 2022)
  • Note: Rule 2.2. This Competition is open to swimmers who have achieved a 2022 SA National or a 14 and over SA National Junior qualifying time. (see Time Standards / Qualifying Times)
    • This means the following…
      1. that no 12 & 13 year old will be able to swim at the SA SC if they do not have at least a 14 year old SANJ qualifying time.
      2. for 14, 15, 16 year olds, the respective SANJ qualifying time for each of these age groups will apply.
      3. for the rest, the 2022 Nationals (Senior) qualifying time (SNAT) will apply.
  • 4-Day Program (PDF)

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Vineyard Qualifiers (16), going 14

7x SANAT qualifiers plus 9x SANJ qualifiers. See table below.

YES = achieved SNAT but a SANJ swimmer too. 
YES = achieved SANJ (14-16) but younger than 14.

4-Day Program

Day 1: Thurs 11th Aug

Day 2: Fri 12th Aug

Day 3: Sat 13th Aug

Day 4: Sun 14th Aug

Rating: 10 out of 10.


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Upcoming Galas – Highlighted

Qualifying Times / Time Standards

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