Inspiration: Visualization, Mental Training, Mindset, Confidence Blueprint. How much have YOU done during lockdown?

How much have YOU done during lockdown?

You can sit at home and moan about not having access to a pool. Or you can study, learn and practice then master one of the most important set of skills for being a successful swimmer: Mental Training, Mindset, Visualization…

So what is stopping you?

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1C.O.N.Q.U.E.R. – How Swimmers Can Keep a Positive Mindset During COVID-19 LockdownConquerConquer
2How confident swimmers use visualization to train and race like champsVisualization Self-confidenceSelf-confidence
3How visualization will help you achieve your goalsVisualization GoalsGoals
46 Cool Things That Happen When Swimmers Improve Their MindsetMindsetMindset
5There Has Never Been a Better Time to Work on Your MindsetMindset Visualization ImageryImagery
6How to get Started with Mental Training this SeasonMental TrainingMental Training
7Building Bulletproof Self-confidence – The Confidence BlueprintSelf-confidence Confidence BlueprintConfidence Blueprint
8Why You Should be Focused on Competing with YourselfSelf-competeSelf Compete
9NOD YOUR HEAD – Better self-talk is your sneaky secret weapon for faster swimmingSelf-talkSelf Talk
10How much of your swimming is mental?Mental TrainingMental
11Be the mentally toughest swimmer in the poolMental ToughnessToughness

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