Inspiration: Imitating YOU

Imitating YOU

Inspiration: Imitation of you

Our kids reflect us and are a product, mainly, of our actions, not our words.

Hi all parents

Some thoughts… I can offer these thoughts and be blunt about it because (a) I am now over 65, (b) survived a heart attack and quintuple bypass, (c) have a few kids of my own, (d) have coached water polo teams and swimmers for many years, (e) I have had some time to reflect.

So here goes, short and sweet.

We all want to do the best for our kids, to bring them up correctly, for them to reach their potential, to do well academically and at sport, to be balanced, sociable, lead a full and meaningful life.

So we teach them these things. Right?

This is where I am starting to think differently. The HOW of that teaching. At the moment, I think most of us (myself included) want to instruct our kids, use words to describe what we would like them to do.

I am thinking that it a lot more about what WE do, personally, in our lives. How we live our lives. How we treat other people, especially those with a lot less than we have.

What we DO is the lesson we teach our children. They watch us face hardship, challenges, conflict. They watch us react. That is the lesson, not the words.

So how does it translate and what does it mean in swimming?

I have seen nervous, pessimistic kids, unsure of themselves, selfish, self-centred. Guess what? The same is actually true of their parents. Yes, that is harsh. But it is not what you say or teach, it is what you actually DO that kids learn from.

My message? Let’s look at ourselves first and let’s act like mature, balanced grown ups. Let’s watch our words and ACTIONS.

Our kids reflect us and are a product, mainly, of our actions, not our words.