WC Coaches comment about Backstroke wedges and Heats & Finals

Comments about the use of Backstroke wedges

  1. This is essential to give our top swimmers the best chance to do good times.
  2. The backstroke wedges help to achieve best times.
  3. It’s better for starts when there’s a slippery wall.
  4. We put our backstrokers at a significant disadvantage compared to swimmers in other provinces and countries if we don’t use them.
  5. It is a advantage.
  6. All the swimmers deserve to race as competitively as possible. The wedges allow backstrokers to have an explosive start and lower the risk of slipping on the start. Olympic, World Student Games and Junior World Championship qualifying time standards would have factored the backstroke wedges into the qualifying times because it gives the swimmers a competitive advantage making them faster. Without any wedges it takes away the competitive advantage making it more difficult for the swimmers to swim the qualifying time standards.
  7. The use of them puts our swimmers on an equal playing field with the rest of the elite swimmers and competitions nationally and internationally.
  8. Backstrokers need an explosive start. Even elite swimmers slip on slippery time pads. Wedges will definitely assist swimmers to try and achieve their best possible performance confidently.
  9. They are FINA compliant therefore we should be using them.
  10. Huge advantage to our swimmers.
  11. Equal conditions nationally.
  12. It is an advantage.
  13. Teams can be made. Why would we not give them the best opportunity?
  14. In an important team selection year, we should be giving our Western Cape athletes the best opportunity to be selected. As officials and coaches, we owe it to the youth during this difficult period.
  15. We cannot host galas that do not offer the same opportunity as the rest of the country.

Examples from other Provinces and Districts

FINIS backstroke wedges being shipped to Eastern Gauteng Aquatics before their SANJ Championships

Source: Eastern Gauteng Aquatics Facebook page

Comments about Heats and Finals

  1. Essential that we have HEATS and FINALS, just like the rest of the country.
  2. All backstroke events (should use wedges), it doesn’t matter which type of session it is.
  3. It is understandable not to have them (heats and finals) in this very unique year, but ideally we should have both.
  4. Our preparation work is for heats and finals as it is a National meet. We are already at a disadvantage by not racing against the best in SA in their respective ages.
  5. At any championship meet there should always be heats and finals. That is a global prerequisite for any championship meet. The swimmers have lost so many opportunities to race this season that by taking away finals from them it once again diminishes their opportunity to race. If there are qualifying time standards that the swimmers are aiming for they deserve a second chance to race in the finals especially if they narrowly miss the time in the heats. They also need to learn to race under pressure. Racing finals heightens the competitive nature of the gala whereby the swimmers race in the finals against swimmers in their own age group and have the opportunity to improve on any mistakes they may have made in the prelims so that they can swim faster in the finals.
  6. In line with international competitions.
  7. Heats and finals are what makes a championship great. It builds mental strength. Every swimmer will have a ‘game plan’ for the heats. Then comes the wait for the last 8 mentally preparing for the final hours later. This is where greatness is created in athletes.
  8. Not only does it give our athletes a second chance but we all know the psychological impact it has if swimmers know they have a chance to race and make finals.
  9. Heats are great for races but Finals always brings the best out of most swimmers giving them one more deserved chance to improve on their times. This has always been the case at this level of swimming, don’t see why we cant run it this way? We should not be debating about this matter, its a must!
  10. You should be able to qualify for Finals under perfect conditions. Never heard of Olympics or World Champs where they have different conditions in Heats and Finals.
  11. Senior swimmers minimum NEED finals. Teams to be made.
  12. Without Finals its not really a National event in my eyes, but only if time allows for it.
  13. Some athletes were unable to post reasonable times during lock-down and the limited galas that were available – let’s give them a chance to experience a proper Championship (with Heats and Finals) in this, an Olympic year. We want to grow the sport.
  14. We need to follow the same standard as the rest of the country.

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