Club Rankings: Western Cape Aquatics – Summary of Championship Galas 2020/21 Season – UPDATED 18th April 2021

Results so far (18th April 2021)

Here are the Club rankings for the season.

This table is subjective (an opinion) but is based on the Clubs performances and results at the following Championship galas:

Age Group swimming

We believe that the ultimate aim should be for a Club to measure their performance and ranking in the SANJ (South African National Junior) Championships, the pinnacle of Age Group swimming in South Africa.

Senior swimming (Open age group)

At a Senior level (by time, not age!), a Club should be measuring their performance against events and Championships such as: SA National Short Course (25m) Champs, Grand Prix events, Olympic Trials, SA National (SANAT) Senior Championships (“Seniors”)

Top 20 Clubs

Club Rankings – Full Analysis

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Club Rankings – Full Analysis

Recent 2020/21 Championship galas on MeetMobile

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DateMeetMobile DescriptionVenueLink
9Apr 14-18 2021Western Cape SANJ and Senior Nationals 2021StellenboschClick
8Apr 7-12 2021SA Invitational Aquatic Champ 2021-PENewton ParkClick
7Mar 27-30 2021SSA LEVEL 2 CHAMPS 2021 – CTABellvilleClick
6Mar 23-26 2021SSA Level 3 Oudtshoorn 2021NA Smit, OudtshoornClick
5Mar 13-14 2021SSA LEVEL 1 CHAMPS – CTABellvilleClick
4Feb 26-28 2021Grand Prix Durban 2021Kings ParkClick
3Dec 15-18 2020Western Cape Long Course Championships 2021MalmesburyClick
2Oct 24-27 2020SA National Short Course Champs (25m)PMBG 202Seals Swim CentreClick
1Sep 26-27 2020WCA Short Course Invitational 2020LangebaanClick

Vineyard Results

9. Western Cape SANJ and Senior Nationals 2021 (31 swimmers)

8. Olympic Trials (4 swimmers)

SA Invitational Aquatic Champ 2021-PE

6. Level 3 (18 swimmers)

7. Level 2 (28 swimmers)

5. Level 1 (16 swimmers)

4. Grand Prix Durban 2021 (4 swimmers)

From the left, Emma Kuhn (Seals), Wikus Potgieter, Michaela De Villiers, Tai Pearson and Hannah Pearse

3. WC Long Course Championships (40 swimmers)

2. SA National Short Course Champs (5 swimmers)

Vineyard stars: Michaela, Wikus, Daniela, Luke and Hannah

1. WC Short Course Championships (15 swimmers)

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More Gala Results…


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