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one2many COVID-19: one new infection is one too many

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TopicDescription and LinkNew / Recent
GovtPresident Cyril Ramaphosa asks South Africans to “Fly the Flag”Recent
GovtLeadership statements: President Cyril Ramaphosa on COVID-19Recent
GovtPresident Cyril Ramaphosa announces a 21-day lockdown 23/3 (27th March to midnight 16th April)Recent
GovtGovernment Gazette 18th Mar 2020: Regulations Issued
GovtPresident Cyril Ramaphosa declares National State of Disaster 15/3
InfoHOT: Update on Masks – 2nd AprilHOT
infoMasks: How to make a maskNew
InfoMasks. How to handle, wear, discardNew Online Resource & News PortalNew
InfoHow to Practice Good HygieneNew
InfoVolunteer Recruitment: COVID-19 Western Cape EMSNew
InfoWestern Cape Dept. of Health resources & online risk assessment tool Recent
InfoGoogle launches their website
InfoFINA: Coronavirus response. Important documents
InfoHow COVID-19 spreads. 4 precautions to follow. Social distancing
InfoSASCOC statement. Coronavirus declared National Disaster
InfoSocial distancing, self-quarantine, isolation, “flattening the curve”
InfoCoronavirus hotline 0 8000 2 9999
InfoWhatsapp support and help. Add +27600123456 and send ‘hi’
InfoFAQ Frequently Asked Questions
InfoKeeping workplaces, homes, schools safe
InfoIs it allergies, the flu or the coronavirus?
InfoSymptoms usually take 5 days to appear, study says
InfoPeople at Risk for Serious Illness from COVID-19
InfoWash Your Hands!
InfoPosters for “Symptoms” and “Stop the Spread of Germs”
InfoCDC Information: Coronavirus 2019
InfoDoH: Coronavirus – What you need to know
LockSA LOCKDOWN 21-day countdown timer to midnight Thurs 16th AprilNew
LockLOCKDOWN Regulations in 2 easy picturesRecent
LockLockdown: What we know about SA’s lockdown – UPDATEDRecent
MsgLeadership statements on COVID-19New
MsgSocial Distancing: Why we should care. Please don’t be a Joe.Recent
MsgHow to Talk to Kids About CoronavirusRecent
MsgIt’s not about you
MsgAct as though you have the virus (with VIDEOS)
MythCOVID-19 Fake News: WhatsApp voice note from Virology, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape TownNew
MythCOVID-19: Here’s how you can stop bad information (fake news, myths) from going viralNew
MythCoronavirus Health Myths – UPDATEDRecent
MythCan COVID-19 virus spread through swimming pools?
Myth“Someone will come to you to have you tested” – that is FALSE
NewsWestern Cape Government HEALTH: Latest News & AnnouncementsNew
NewsTOKYO 2O2ONE: Chad Le Clos, Olympic qualifiers and hopefuls share their thoughtsNew
NewsTokyo 2020: Summer Olympic Games postponedRecent
NewsCameron van der Burgh struggling with coronavirus: ‘It’s no joke!’Recent
NewsFrom the Desk of the President: ‘I am a firm believer in the people’ 23/3
News15 Good News stories from around the globe 17/3
NewsFirst coronavirus case confirmed in SA 6/3
SSALeadership statements: Alan Fritz, President of Swimming South AfricaNew
SSASwimming South Africa: Update #2, 24th March 2020Recent
SSACOVID-19 – SSA Activities Update 23rd March 2020Recent
SSASwimming South Africa: Coronavirus Communication 19/3
SSASwimming South Africa postpones all aquatics events 16/3
StatsWestern Cape: Latest COVID-19 Statistics – UPDATED New
StatsSouth African and Worldwide Statistics – UPDATEDNew
VideoVIDEO: Bill Gates on Fighting Coronavirus – Interview with Trevor NoahHOT
VideoVIDEO: “Dr Luke” explains… Do Not be Deceived by the Low NumbersHOT
VideoVIDEO: “Dr Luke” explains Your Amazing Immune System – a MUST WATCHHOT
VideoVIDEOS: Inspirational videos to watch and download during lockdownUPDATEDNew
Video(a) Qualifying criteria to get tested for COVID-19 (b) How to Monitor Yourself for SymptomsNew
VideoBill Gates 2020: Returning to normal life in April is not realisticNew
VideoBill Gates in 2015: What I am afraid of (2x VIDEOS)Recent
VideoCOVID-19: What you need to know – Dr Jarrod Zamparini, specialist physician (VIDEO)Recent
VideoVIDEO: The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should DoRecent
VideoDr Luke on Call. Watch him talk about coronavirus (7x VIDEOS)UPDATED with #7: It there a cure?Recent
VideoWhen and How to Wash Your Hands (with VIDEO)


Every effort has been made to try make sure the information is up-to-date and from reliable sources. Almost all posts have references or sources. If you do find something which is wrong, please let me know ASAP.


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