Gala: WC Jack Currie Champs, Sat 2nd-Sun 3rd Feb – Malmesbury. RESULTS

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Medals will be awarded in the following age groups:
11 & Under, 12-13, 14-15, 16 & Over

2nd Set of Reports (31st Jan)

Can the attached please be send out to all the clubs and districts.  The coaches accreditation must be returned to me by Friday.

The following documents are attached:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Officials Lists
  • Coaches Accreditation
  • Session Report
  • Team Entry Report
  • Relay Entry Report
  • Psych Sheets

First Set of Reports (28th Jan)


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Entries so far (Sun 20th Jan)

Brugers, JulietteAquaWolf
de Beer, JorjaAquaWolf
Healy, ConnorAquaWolf
Janeiro, RonanAquaWolf
Stevens, JudyAquaWolf
Van den berg, VaughanAquaWolf
Alexander, Maja Vineyard
Altmann, HannahVineyard
Anderson, TessVineyard
Anderson, BenVineyard
Beetge, AmyVineyard
Beetge, MatthewVineyard
Beukes, WadeVineyard
Bizaare, Joshua Vineyard
Borgström, SvenVineyard
Burgess, CassidyVineyard
Cartwright, LukeVineyard
Cleghorn, HannahVineyard
Combrink, AmyVineyard
Crous, Qaadirah Vineyard
Edwards, JudeVineyard
Elliott, JennaVineyard
Lieberman, AnnaVineyard
Meyer, JoshVineyard
Myers, MatthewVineyard
Nimb, Samantha Vineyard
Nordgaard, Erin-BelleVineyard
Nordien, Asmaa Vineyard
Pearce, JemmaVineyard
Renecle, MeganVineyard
Rey, SebastienVineyard
Swan, KyleVineyard
Whitfield, CameronVineyard
Wykeham, JoshuaVineyard

History: Update sent via email

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History Update: Sun 13th Jan at 5:41pm

The venue is Malmesbury. 

Map to Malmesbury Public outdoor (shallow) 50m swimming pool:

Background reports. Who qualifies?


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