Gala: CTMA Qualifying Gala #3 – All Levels – Malmesbury, Fri 25th-Sun 27th Jan 2019 – RESULTS

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Final reports plus Program. Please print your own! (24th Jan)

Final instructions (24th Jan)

Dear Clubs,

Attached please find 3rd and final set of reports.  Any further scratchings needs to be done on pool deck at the admin table.  Please note that the program is only preliminary, gala will be reseeded after scratchings before each session. All parents to print their own programs.

Gates open @ 4 o’clock Friday afternoon for those clubs that want to setup their gazebos.

Reminder to clubs that are on duty to please make sure that you have enough volunteers to assist with set-up, pack-up and other duties.


Please DO NOT park on any of the SPAR’s parking bays. 

Attentional parking will be at the Malmesbury Animal Hospital ……… please DO NOT park underneath their shaded spaces, only the area that is clearly marked for gala patrons.

Please use this link to see where this parking area is: Click Here

Entries to Check (From CTMA, 22nd Jan)

Note: The Session times have changed

Entries to Check (From CTMA, 19th Jan)

CTMA Qualifying Gala #3 – All Levels – Malmesbury, Fri 25th-Sun 27th Jan 2019

Map to Malmesbury Public outdoor (shallow) 50m swimming pool:

Entries now please

Note: No Vineyard or AquaWolf coaches will be at the gala

Entries here:

Entries close: 11th Jan 2019 (Now!)

Entries to check (14th Jan)

AquaWolfRodrigues, Thalia
AquaWolfRodrigues, Tiago
VineyardBrown, Josh
VineyardCombrink, Amy
VineyardErasmus, Logan
VineyardFisher, Stella
VineyardGouws, Lara
VineyardPause, Hannah
VineyardPearse, Hannah
VineyardPotgieter, Wikus
VineyardRey, Sebastien
VineyardRibeiro, Bianca
VineyardRibeiro, Caitlyn
VineyardScott, Olivia
VineyardStauch Alina
VineyardStauch, Jesse
VineyardSwarts, Keeno
VineyardWolson, Daniel

Entries summary (14th Jan)
17 swimmers

Day 1: Fri 25th Jan 2019

Day 2: Sat 26th Jan 2019

Day 3: Sun 27th Jan 2019

Note: This is a “No Smoking” event

Swimmers, make the “NO! to Underage Smoking & Drinking” pledge: Click here