Gala: CTMA Level 2&Up Gala #1 – 19th Jan 2019 – RESULTS



Entries: Final reports (18th Jan)

Please note that Event 1(1500m free) will be moved to be swum as the last event in session 1. Event 8 only has 1 swimmer and therefore will swim together with event 1.

Also note that we still have a shortage of officials, please see summary below. Those marked in red still are short the amount of officials. Please send names asap.


Warm-up Lane Allocation

Entries to Check (17th Jan)

Entries to Check (15th Jan)

Entries now please (CLOSED)

Entries here:
Entries close: Sat 29th Dec

Entries so far: 29th Dec (CLOSED)

AquaWolfAtkinson, Matthew
AquaWolfBrugers, Juliette
AquaWolfErasmus, Lauren
AquaWolfHarper, Jared
AquaWolfHarper, Ryan
AquaWolfHealy, Connor
AquaWolfHendricks, Joshua
AquaWolfOlsen, Tamryn
AquaWolfSeptember, Keegan
AquaWolfStevens, Leslie
VineyardAhmed, Nihaal
VineyardAltmann, Hannah
VineyardAnderson, Ben
VineyardBantom, Dylan
VineyardBantom, Nicole
VineyardBeetge, Matthew
VineyardBeukes, Wade
VineyardBlomdal, Gabriel
VineyardBougas, Nicole
VineyardBrink, Payton
VineyardBrown, Josh
VineyardBurgess, Cassidy
VineyardCartwright, Luke
VineyardCleghorn, Hannah
VineyardCombrink, Amy
VineyardCouves, Jonty
VineyardCronje, Lily
VineyardCronje, Ruby
VineyardCrous, Qaadirah
VineyardDaffarn, Eri
VineyardDu Plessis, Chanel
VineyardDupont, Logan
VineyardErasmus, Chad
VineyardGalant, Mahdi
VineyardGordon, CJ
VineyardGordon, Rynard
VineyardJohn, Gregor
VineyardJones, Ruth
VineyardLee, Howon
VineyardLee, Wonhee
VineyardLieberman, Anna
VineyardMcCallum, Stephen
VineyardNaidoo, Sasha
VineyardNordien, Asmaa
VineyardO’Riordan, Reese
VineyardPaulse, Hannah
VineyardPearse, Hannah
VineyardPearson, Tai
VineyardPetersen, Aashiq
VineyardPotgieter, Wikus
VineyardRawkins, Melissa
VineyardRey, Sebastien
VineyardRippon, Georgia
VineyardScott, Olivia
VineyardSieed, Nabeel
VineyardSimpson, Jesse
VineyardSlabber, Luke
VineyardSmith, Gavin
VineyardStevens, Nazario
VineyardSwan, Kyle
VineyardSwarts, Keeno
Vineyardvan Rooyen, Babette
VineyardWiggill, Kaylee
VineyardWilliamson, Rose
VineyardWolson, Daniel
VineyardWykeham, Joshua

Venue: Fairmont High School indoor 25m pool

Criteria: Must have Level 2 or higher times on the database

Events: Session 1

  • 1. 14&U 1500m Free
  • 2. 14&U 100m Back
  • 3. 14&U 50m Free
  • 4. 14&U 200m Back
  • 5. 14&U 50m Fly
  • 6. 14&U 100m Breast
  • 7. 14&U 200m IM

Session 2

  • 8. 11-13 1500m Free
  • 9. 10-13 100m Back
  • 10. 10-13 50m Free
  • 11. 10-13 200m Back
  • 12. 10-13 50m Fly
  • 13. 10-13 100m Breast
  • 14. 10-13 200m IM

Note: This is a “No Smoking” event

Swimmers, make the “NO! to Underage Smoking & Drinking” pledge: Click here