Dietitian: Nicki de Villiers

About Nicki

Nicki de Villiers

BDietetics (UP), Postgrad Dipl Diet (UP), Postgrad Diploma in Sport Nutrition (IOC), Higher Cert Exerc Sci (UP), MDietetics (UP)

Nicki de Villiers is a registered Dietitian with 23 years of experience with a special interest in sports nutrition. Her private practice is situated at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria with a satellite office in Garsfontein.

  • Head dietititian at the High Performance Center at University of Pretoria consulting to various sport academies, Olympic athletes and visiting teams. 
  • Part-time lecturer at University of Pretoria in the departments of human nutrition, sport science, physiology, medicine and biokinetics.

Nicki’s sport accolades are just as impressive. She was awarded her National colours for Basketball in 1999, where she captained South Africa for 11 years. She received provincial colours in various other sporting codes at school. She is currently an enthusiastic mountain biker. Other hobbies include academic research, travel and reading.

Nicki’s academic interests are behaviour change, weight management, diabetes, cholesterol, intestinal disbiosis and sport nutrition, including endurance – , power – and weight making sport. She works with athletes or active people at any level of performance to help all towards their best performance.


  • Nutritional assessment and support for athletes at all levels in all phases of training and competition
  • Individualised diets based on comprehensive assessment
  • Development of nutritional strategies to team sports
  • Workshops and talks
  • Discovery Vitality Nutrition Assessments
  • Menu coordination for individual athletes and teams during travelling and training camps
  • Writing of educational material


Nicki de Villiers
Cell: 082 375 0574
Work: 012 004 0618 (Pretoria)

Talk: Vineyard, Camps Bay and Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School

Thursday 10th October 2019 at Rustenburg Girl’s Junior School library

Nicki de Villiers
Vineyard, Camps Bay and Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School

Feedback from Parents, Swimmers and Coaches

  • Very valuable information. Nicki is able to communicate the concepts very well.
  • Great turn out.
  • The presentation was informative, was easy to understand, especially for the younger kids, was factual and insightful.
  • Great content to introduce this complex subject. Next step will be to review the presentation. The only way to really bed down the principles will be to have an initial engagement with Nicki. The audience’s interpretation of the presentation already seem to differ straight after the talk.
  • Content very applicable to our needs. Venue perfect for the size of the group.
  • Nicki is excellent, presents with confidence and has loads of useful information.
  • Thanks so much for including us in on the talk this evening. We loved it and it was very informative.
  • I found the presentation very informative and helpful going forward. The venue was ideal for the amount of people present.
  • Nicki was fantastic! I love her brutal straightforward approach. It was quite an eye opener to learn how much food Nxxxx needs! She also made eating quality seem so simple. Thank you Vineyard for organising the talk! Nicki is absolutely phenomenal.
  • Excellent presentation – highly informative and accessible (and funny!)
  • Enjoyed the presentation. Lots of information. Venue was great, group size was great as we were able to actually focus and listen.
  • Acoustics were good. Seating comfortable. Visuals good and easy to read. Enjoyed the humour.
  • Easy to understand and very entertaining.
  • Excellent and practical advice and guidance pitched at right level for parents and teens / young adults; appreciated sensitive yet straightforward approach to difficult issues with eating disorders / anxiety / non-regulated products
  • Content delivery was easy to follow, entertaining and logically framed
  • Found highlighting the purpose / objective for practicing nutrition powerful and hit the right note with my 13 year old.
  • She has spoken non-stop about her understanding of why she has had competition performance drop-off and can clearly relate it to nutritional behavior not serving her well.
  • Thank you for gentle wisdom and well-presented physiology and biochemical explanations for easy consumption! (bad pun)
  • Venue too small and no air. Enjoyed the presentation. Was brought to an easy understandable level. Even my 9 year old remembers things that were said.
  • Very informative, great delivery. Looking forward to getting the slides.
  • Very valuable, interesting and applicable.
  • She is a great presenter, great value; a bio on her would have been helpful; would have been great to see the slides (images too small, seated far back) and have a handout to follow and make notes.
  • Found it very informative, light, and thought provoking… I have a few questions that I would like to ask her personally. Great job 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Nicki’s presentation was as good the second time round as when I first heard it: geared towards the audience who gleaned lots of information. We appreciate her taking time out to chat to the various squads and Rustybugs.
  • The presentation was great, Nicki was real and practical. It feels easy to follow her recommendations as it’s portrayed in a simple doable way. Very interesting all round.
  • Extremely informative session. I learnt so much.
  • It was well worth attending the talk.
  • The presentation was very informative and gave a good outline of general information.

Summary (1=No value, 5=Excellent value)

Example of a Workshop

Nutrition Workshop

Download: Optimal Energy Availability – by Nicki de Villiers