Back-to-Swim: Vineyard Resumption of Swimming and Training Plans – 26th June – UPDATED 27th June

There has been lots of action the last few days and the documents below detail the various announcements. Read and enjoy. You are living while history is being made. Later generations will wonder….

You did WHAT?

Back-to-Swim: Update 27th June

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Back-to-Swim: Update 26th June

Back-to-Swim: Update 12th June

Back-to-Swim: Update 3rd June

Rules and Regulations

As things start to open around the country we must remember that we are held accountable by our federation and what rules and regulations they implement. We had a very clear message about doing things too early: . We at Vineyard want to get back into the water just as badly as everyone else, but we need to make sure we follow the rules and regulations set out by Government, SwimSA and at our training venues.

We all have a role to play going forward. Keep those academics high, those jump squats higher and we will see you soon.

May the force be with you

No swimming, No training

Lluwellyn Coetzee (President of WCA) and Alan Fritz (President of Swim SA)

Meet the Presidents

The President of Swimming SA (Alan Fritz) and President of Western Cape Aquatics (Lluwellyn Coetzee) address the WC Club Coaches on the current status of competitive swimming in this province. 2nd June 2020

Leadership Statements: Alan Fritz