2020-21 Season Results: What a phenomenal performance Vineyard swimmers and coaches! Records, medals and ranked #1 Club in the Western Cape

Tai Pearson, 14x WC and 5x SA Records. Photo credit: Fuad Esack

2020-21 Season Results

The season is measured by:

Summary: WC Age Group and SA Age Group Records in 2020-21 Season

SwimmerWC Record (SCM)WC Record (LCM)SA Record (LCM)Total Records
Hannah Pearse (17)22
Michaela De Villiers (17)22
Abi Kotze (11)28111
Luke Slabber (17)617
Wikus Potgieter (15)33
Wikus Potgieter (16)11
Tai Pearson (13)311519
VINE* Relay (13)22

Our WC and SA Age Group record swimmers

Senior Vineyard Coaches

Rhys (standing), Duncan & Brendon

Evidence: Results, Ranking, Medals, Top 8, Records

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