Gala: Winelands Summer League Gala – March 7th 2021 – Coetzenburg Swimming Pool – RESULTS


Please check your entries (1st Mar)

Updated list of swimmers

1De Villiers, Michaela (18) 15 16 28 30Session 2
2Du Plessis, Chanel (14) 11 13 16 19Session 2
3John, Gregor (17)113 116 119 130Session 3
4Paulse, Hannah (17) 12 29 32Session 2
5Pearse, Hannah (17)16 19 28 30Session 2
6Potgieter, Wikus (16)116 118 128 130Session 3
7Rippon, Georgia (19) 12 15 30Session 2
8Scott, Olivia (18) 15 17 28 30Session 2
9Slabber, Luke (18) 111 115 128 129Session 3
10Swarts, Keeno (16)111 115 119 130Session 3
11Wolson, Daniel (14)27 114Session 1, 3


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Final Reports (Friday 5th Mar)


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Session #1: 9:00am-11:11am

Session #2: 12:30pm-2:06pm

Session #3: 3:00pm-4:32pm

Vineyard entries (updated 1st Mar)

Download the PDFs (1st Mar)

Download the PDFs (27th Feb)

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Message from Winelands Swimboard about the Gala and the Entries (24th Feb)

Dear Clubs,

Please find attached for the upcoming Winelands Summer League Gala:

  1. Entry list
  2. Psych sheet
  3. Provisional programmes (final programmes will be sent out after scratchings)
  4. Session report

If swimmers and/or officials have not yet completed the Covid-19 Google form, please do so before noon on Wednesday 24 February:

We have capped the gala at under 75 swimmers per session and are therefore not able to accommodate all entries received.  Swimmers were included as follows:

Session 1:

  • Only CWA (Cape Winelands Aquatics) swimmers age 13 & under
  • 800fr & 1500fr – Only CWA swimmers and out of district swimmers age 14 & over

Session 2:

  • Only girls age 14 & over
  • All CWA (Cape Winelands Aquatics) swimmers
  • Swimmers from out of district that reflected events with SANA and/or SANJ qualifying times
  • Multi-disability swimmers

Session 3:

  • Only boys age 14 & over
  • All CWA (Cape Winelands Aquatics) swimmers
  • Swimmers from out of district age 15 & over that reflected events with SANA and/or SANJ qualifying times
  • Multi-disability swimmers

Adjusted entry fee reports will be sent to clubs based on the attached entry list.

Please note that CTA have indicated that they will host a meet on 6 March to cater for some of the swimmers that Winelands are unable to cater for, including out of district swimmers.  CTA will be in touch with details asap.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to hosting you in Stellenbosch.


Venue: Map to Coetzenburg

Google map: Coetzenburg Swimming Pool
Click here:

Gala information


  1.  Only swimmers fully registered with SSA may participate and they must have at least 1x SA Level 2 qualifying time or higher.
  2.  Swimmers may enter a maximum of 4 events.
  3.  These results might not be allowed for qualification to SA National events as only galas swum on or before 1 March will count – Winelands are consulting with SSA for these results to be included.
  4. The session report may change depending on the number of entries received.

Covid screening and declaration

All participating swimmers, coaches and officials should complete the following Covid-19 screening link on submission of entries by noon on Thursday 18 February 2021:

Where do I get my Covid number?

Vineyard swimmers (original entries)

 Women Men
 Burgess, Cassidy (12)  Adams, Faiyaz (17)
 Combrink, Amy (12) Bantom, Dylan (16)
 De Villiers, Michaela (18)  Beukes, Wade (13)
 Du Plessis, Chanel (14)  Brown, Josh-Michael (17)
 Fisher, Stella (13)  Edwards, Jude (12) 
 Kotze, Abigail (11)  John, Gregor (17)
 Lombard, Jana (13)  Krige, Aiden (13) 
 Nimb, Samantha (12)  Krige, Joshua (15)
 Paulse, Hannah (17)  Nefdt, Grant (13) 
 Pearse, Hannah (17) Pearson, Tai (13) 
 Pearse, Jemma (12)  Potgieter, Wikus (16)
 Renecle, Jenna (15)  Rey, Seb (17) 
 Ribeiro, Bianca (14)  Slabber, Luke (18) 
 Ribeiro, Caitlyn (16)  Stanfliet, Nicholas (11)
 Rippon, Georgia (19)  Swarts, Keeno (16)
 Scott, Olivia (18)  Truter, Thomas (14) 
 Webber, Isabella (13)  Whitfield, Cameron (12)
 Wolson, Daniel (14)
Total of 35 swimmers

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Entries Version 1 (17th Feb) – please check!

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