Top Times: Your times on the Hy-Tek Online Database

How to retrieve your Best Times and All Your Times from the Hy-Tek Online Database for Vineyard and Camps Bay

Go to
… and follow these steps below
1. You are on the Hy-Tek database
2. Expand the screen
3. Click on the “Athletes” button
4. You get this long list
5, Move to top right corner and choose the alphabet symbol, in this case “S”
6. You get the listing for “S”
7. Now get to page 2 of the listing
8. Go to page…
9. Select 2
10.Now look for your name there… “Smith” as example
11. Found it!
12. Click on “Times”
13. This is YARDS. We need SCM and LCM
14. Yards. Select the down arrow…
15. … and you choose SCM or LCM

Your SCM PBs

16. Finally, your SCM PBs
17. Select “All” for SCM times

All your times

18. All your times (for SCM)

Printing a PDF of all your times

19. Now print your times
20. Save as a PDF

Hy-Tek Online: Click Here

Time Standards

See all the Time Standards

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