T3 Webinar feedback: High-intensity, Low-volume training, Race pace, USRPT. Understanding the concepts and achieving results. “It was extremely informative”

T3 Webinar: David Glover (Infinity) interviewed Vineyard’s coach Brendon Pienaar and swimmer Gavin Smith

Thursday 9th July

Feedback: This is what was GOOD

  • Gavin spoke very well
  • The technology
  • All the information and knowledge I learnt
  • Learning about race pace training, Gavin’s approach and mindset to training and swimming.
  • Real experiences observed by Brendan and applied by Gavin
  • Debunking the myths about USRPT and finding someone locally who has had success with it
  • Learning more about the topic discussed and gearing first hand experience from a swimmer
  • It was extremely informative with regards to high intensity training
  • Interaction between the coach and swimmer during the questions
  • Info about the methodology. Input from Gavin. Really enjoyed his enthusiasm
  • Sharing your personal experience and how it improved times of swimmers
  • Very well organised, the talking points from Gavin and Brendon were very well articulated as well as they were very informative
  • Speakers were good
  • Learning about race pace training

… and more “What was GOOD?” …

  • I’ve just learned so much, also relationship between Gavin and his Coach, awesome and I totally agree communication between Coach and swimmers is most important
  • Everything
  • Hearing another swimmers perspective about training
  • It was good to have a coach and swimmer on together.
  • The topic and the presentation of the subject by each guest
  • The questions and answers all were easy to understand
  • Very informative
  • Content, delivery and insights
  • I loved the fact that we could get a holistic approch seeing the side of a Coach and Swimmer
  • Different training views and techniques from coaches
  • Content
  • Informative questions. I thought young swimmers could learn a lot from Gavins experience.
  • The emphasis on understanding your swimmer as a coach and adjusting a training program to the swimmer.
  • The overall content of the webinar.
  • All content

… and even more “What was GOOD?” …

  • Everything was good from the setting of the webinar till the interview
  • It was great to see Gavin and Brendon on the same wavelength
  • I love the way coaches realize that technique is important, I have dealt with coaches just worrying about speed and no technique..
  • Well structured questions and informative answers
  • Interesting and appreciated the transparency/openness
  • The interaction between everyone and the knowledge on the training program was fantastic
  • Comparison between HIT and Traditional method of covering mileage.
  • The principles were well explained
  • Hearing the tips on the best way to train to be faster
  • Different concepts
  • Gavin spoke well for young lad
  • The interaction with coach and swimmer
  • Inter action between coach swimmer and presenter

… and finally “What was GOOD?” …

  • Very good
  • Loved their transparency, learned so much and really like seeing the coach/swimmer relationship like theirs.
  • Coach and swimmers communication
  • The overall discussion on the topic of USRPT as alternative
  • The explanation of this training by the coach and swimmer
  • The level of explanation
  • Discussion between swimmer and coaches, explanation and examples of race paced swimming
  • Well done! Worth it


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