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Positive Comments about the Webinar

What was good…

  • Very informative
  • Very informative and material easily understood by a lay person
  • Your explaining was excellent
  • Very good information, to the point
  • Dr Schalk’s simple explanations and sharing his wealth of knowledge. It was interesting, informative and provided useful tips and pointers regarding your health and immune system
  • The topic was relevant to the situation we are all facing i.e. Covid-19
  • Very informative
  • Covered many aspects and good advice
  • Very informative and honest upfront answers
  • Professional
  • Very informative
  • In detail explanation about the virus
  • A lot of informative information from a Doctor who seems to have a great knowledge of COVID-19 and other medial issues. Good information on how to treat yourself or family member should you be infected. Enjoyed knowing more about the oximeter, which I’d only heard about but did not know how it worked or reason for having it
  • Extremely informative
  • information on pulse and oxygen levels
  • Great Webinar! Very informative. No technical difficulties. Thanks so much!
  • Thank you so much. it’s a blessing to have clear understanding of this virus from an expert. The presentation was good in all aspects
  • I found this presentation very interesting and informative. As already mentioned, it is comforting to receive the relevant info from a medical person who has a wealth of knowledge. Thank you again.
  • Thank you for a fantastic and informative knowledge share
  • Thank you great webinar, very informative. Really enjoyed it
  • A good, very informative session
  • Very informative. Thank you very much
  • Definitely well worth it. Thank you!
  • Fabulous, thank you
  • Thank you for arranging this talk: we found it very informative!
  • Thank you. I learnt something new and it was interested for me. Thank you!!
  • I agree that it was very informative and thank you for arranging it
  • Thank you Gary. Informative and very useful.

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  • 1st Aug: David Glover interviews Aimee Canny (potential Olympic qualifier) and her coach Francois Boshoff. How did you get so fast? https://youtu.be/Hvlg3I8shPg
  • 8th Aug: Gary Bonney interviews Dr Schalk Burger from DrLukeOnCall about COVID-19 and the Swimmer. Dr Burger also explains the importance of a Pulse Oximeter https://youtu.be/R3Z2wVmnIAs

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