Partnership | Share-A-Lane with Michelle Weber

Share-A-Lane with Michelle Weber

Looking for ways to improve your swimming? I would love to meet up with you on a Saturday morning and Share-A-Lane.  I started the Share-A-Lane project to give back to the swimming community.  Share-A-Lane sessions are a one-on-one training session with swimmers of any age that wish to improve their swimming, learn more or just be inspired.

Why Share-A-Lane?

I trained at many swimming pools across the world during my swimming career.  The swimming community is huge.  I’ve met many Triathletes, Juniors, Competitive swimmers, Masters and Re-creational swimmers all asking the same questions about the sport, and what is required to be a competitor.

Swimming has given me a lot over the past 9 years, so I decided it is time to give back to you, what I learned and gained as a swimmer.  Swimming is not just a sport.  It is a passion, teaches discipline, how to set goals and most importantly how to motivate yourself to achieve the goals you set.

Learn more about the distances I train during sessions, what type of sessions I do, my diet and nutrition, Gym, pre-race preparations and anything else you would like to know to improve your swimming.  Let’s have fun together and enjoy the sport we love so much.

I shared a lane with Michelle in January 2018.  Michelle’s Share-A-Lane project is something I definitely recommend.  Michelle is kind, patient and makes you feel relaxed during the session.  Swimming with Michelle gives you a taste of how hard the Olympians train and it inspired me to work harder and be more committed to training and swimming if I want to be a good swimmer.  I feel so inspired after sharing a lane with Michelle.  Thank you, Michelle I loved it! ~Monica Botha

How Do I Book A Lane?

  • Where: Coetzenburg Swimming Pool, Stellenbosch.
  • When: 9:30 am every Saturday.
  • Cost: Free of charge (donations are welcome)
  • Please note: I travel plenty so bookings are limited.
  • Please check my Calendar to view available dates.
  • Click here to book a lane

More information

Hannah Pearse learns from Michelle Weber

Although the water won’t be 14C in Israel, Hannah Pearse and I got some great open water training done before she competes at the Junior World Championships in September this year.

Photos in facebook album: Here


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