8th FINA Junior World Swimming Championship – Kazan, Russia – 24th-29th August 2021. Luke Slabber (x2) and Emma Kuhn (x2) swim qualifying times – HOT! POSTPONED!

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Swimming World Championship postponed to 2022

The International Aquatics Federation has postponed the World Swimming Championships to the end of August 2022. Previously, the competition was scheduled for August 24-29, 2021 and was to be held in Kazan.

FINA’s official letter says:

“The health and safety of our athletes and all those participating in FINA events is our top priority. There is no doubt that Kazan is more than ready to host athletes in the safest possible conditions this summer. However, in fulfilling our duty and mission to hold competitions at the highest level, we must also ensure that athletes from different countries have equal opportunities to participate in such prestigious competitions.

We understand that, despite all the measures taken, the risks and consequences cannot be completely eliminated. In addition, international travel in the current situation remains one of the biggest problems for parents of underage athletes and is a major risk factor that is very difficult to control. In addition, travel restrictions imposed by various countries can be tightened again at short notice, depending on the epidemiological situation.

It is anticipated that the aforementioned factors could lead to difficulties that will affect the potential number of young talented competitors in the highly anticipated World Junior Swimming Championships in Russia.

After careful discussion of this issue, the FINA management came to the decision to consider the possibility of postponing the planned championship until the end of August 2022 ”.

Comment: Note the wording: “… FINA management came to the decision to consider the possibility of postponing the planned championship… “

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Swimming South Africa – Selection Criteria

Luke Slabber & Emma Kuhn

Luke -Men 200m IM- 2:07.56 vs 2:08.39

Luke -Men 50m Free- 23.53 vs 23.55

Emma -Women 100m Free- 58.88 vs 59.23

Emma -Women 200m IM- 2:20.09 vs 2:22.04

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