Results, Videos and Interviews: SA Short Course Challenge 24th-27th October 2020 – Vineyard stars!

SA Short Course Challenge 24th-27th October

Vineyard swimmers

Vineyard swimmers: Michaela, Wikus, Daniella, Luke and Hannah

Michaela de Villiers – (17) F

“It was such an amazing experience and was incredible to be able to race at this stage with regard to Covid-19.

“I am exceptionally happy with all my swims and couldn’t have done nearly as well as I did without the Vineyard team always being there for me – during the racing and training.” – Michaela

Wikus Potgieter – (15) M

“It was so great to race against the best swimmers in South Africa.

“I was very happy with my times, taking some big times off … to get into the finals & then again in the finals. 😁

“Galas like this are the highlight after all the training we put in. I love going to training every day & the friends I train with make it special.

“I’m proud to be a Vineyard swimmer.” – Wikus

Daniella Solkow – (19) F

“I had such an amazing experience racing at SA short course nationals. I felt privileged and excited for this opportunity to be a part of the Vineyard team going to Pietermaritzburg. And I know it could not have been done without the amazing team spirit from all the Vineyard swimmers in our training sessions (including coach Brendon and Duncan) that always push us to do our best and motivate us to give in everything we’ve got even when we feel like we just want to give up. I’m grateful to have them by my side supporting me and believing in me.

“One of the highlights of this competition and all competitions in fact are the team bonding that we have and I feel it always brings us closer together as a team which is so important. Swimming in Pietermaritzburg taught me a lot about perseverance and that having a bad swim isn’t always the end of the world. Having a bad race doesn’t define who you are as a person or make you worthless.

“I was overall happy with my results considering a lot that has happened over these months. I had two very good races that surprised me a lot and made me realize that I’m capable of doing a lot more than I think especially when I’m not at my fittest. It just takes a little bit of faith and trust in the process which I think a lot of people should hear and keep in mind.

“I’m so excited for what’s to come and to see the rest of the Vineyard team thrive and just keep getting better and better in the years to come!” – Daniella

Luke Slabber – (17) M

“Vineyard is the most supportive team out there.

“I wouldn’t want to train or race with another team.

“Always the best time going up to SASC with the Vineyard team.” – Luke

Hannah Pearse – (17) M

“Racing at SA Short Course was an incredible experience. It was surreal to be able to race against people from other provinces again as well seeing all my friends who I haven’t seen in a long time.

“I was very happy with my races, mainly the 200 back where I came second. I went best times in everything (except the 50 free).

“I learned so much from watching some of the outstanding performances of other swimmers and am very excited to put all that I learned into practice

“The amazing performances of the Vineyard swimmers would not have been possible without the positive team culture we had.

“More importantly than the fast swimming, we all had so much fun together and made memories that will last for a life time.” – Hannah

Coach Brendon Pienaar

“Great to be racing again. I am so impressed that all of our swimmers made finals.

“The Vineyard swimmers have finally arrived in the national open scene where, despite being in their teens, they can compete at the highest levels and win medals!

“Over the last few years the team culture has developed into one that embraces excellence while still having fun. The swimmers appear to be really enjoying the training and racing while achieving excellence.

“The camaraderie and team dynamic makes the individuals better than they would be alone.” – Brendon

RESULTS for WC swimmers and clubs

Note: Results and scores calculated from MeetMobile

Full Results by Day, Session, Heats then Finals


Facebook videos from Wayne Riddin

DAY #2

Women 50m Back

Michaela comes 2nd
(middle of the pool, Lane 5)

Men 50m Back

Wikus comes 5th
(bottom of screen, Lane 2)

Women 200m Back

Hannah comes 2nd
(middle of the pool, Lane 6)

DAY #3

Women 100m Back

Michaela comes 3rd (Lane 8, far side)
Hannah comes 4th (Lane 4, close to middle)

Men 100m IM

Luke come 6th
(Lane 8, far side)

Women 50m Fly

Michaela finishes 5th in a 28.62
(Lane 7, far side)

DAY #4

Women 50m Free

Michaela (Lane 9, far side) – 6th
Daniella (Lane 2, closest) – 7th



Combined Results (Men & Women)

Vineyard stars: Michaela, Wikus, Daniela, Luke and Hannah

Vineyard swimmers invited to SA Short Course
(Version #2) – 6th Oct

Well done to the Vineyard swimmers invited to SA Short Course Challenge 24th-27th October 2020
— Hannah Pearse
— Michaela de Villiers
— Daniella Solkow
— Luke Slabber
— Wikus Potgieter

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