Gala | Winelands Winter #1 – 16th June 2018 – with Results

Gala: Winelands Winter #1 – 16th June 2018

Venue: Maties indoor pool

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Rules at the Pool

Dear Clubs

Please distribute the following information to your swimmers, parents and officials:

The Winelands Winter League will be held in the INDOOR 25m pool at Coetzenburg.

Warm up will be available indoors as well as in the heated outdoor 50m pool.  Cool down is outdoors or after the sessions indoors.

ONLY SWIMMERS, COACHES and OFFICIALS will be allowed in the pool area INSIDE.  This is due to regulations for the allowable number of people in the facility.  All spectators must view from upstairs and from the passage.  Should spectators still not adhere to this arrangement we will have no choice but to CANCEL the gala  IMMEDIATELY.  We are counting on all the clubs and parents co-operation to ensure the success of the competition.

All swimmers will report in the passage adjacent to the indoor pool and enter via the small pool deck level door.

After racing they will exit via the changing rooms to the outdoor pool area.

Your co-operation is VITAL to the success of the gala.