Gala | Qualifying Gala #4 – Sat 24th Feb (with Results)

Additional Qualifying Gala #4 (announced 31st Jan)

Dear Clubs,

There will be another Qualifying Gala #4 on Sat 24th Feb’18 at Fairmont High.

Attached please find Session report and entries zip file for above-mentioned gala.

Please note the following:

  • Swimmers are allowed to enter max 3 events, provided they have times on the database for those 3 events.
  • No time trials will be allowed
  • No concessions will be granted for swimmer to swim in another age group session.
  • Entries are due 06 February’18 @ 10am.
  • 1st session starts @ 8am
  • 2nd session starts @ 2pm (TBC)

Lucinda Koch


  1. CTMA QG4 – Session Report
  2. x.Officials Entry Sheet – CTMA Qualifying Gala 4

Please note: This gala is only for fully capitated swimmers (SL) swimmers.


Vineyard entries please (Due before 7pm, Sun 4th Feb)

Vineyard entries to CTMA (7th Feb)

      • Gary Bonney
      • Cathryn Franks
      • Matthew Gounden
      • Ryno Bougas
      • Zondre Bantom
      • Riyad Isaac

1st Set of Reports from CTMA (19th Feb)

2nd Set of Reports from CTMA (21st Feb)


Dear Clubs,

Attached please find 2nd set of reports. Scratchings will be accepted until 10am tomorrow (22/02/2018) morning.

Late entries will also be accepted until 10am tomorrow (22/02/2018) morning at 3 x the original entry fee, please make sure that together with zip file with ONLY late entries, that you send pop & officials.


  • Session 1 : Setup : Vineyard SC
  • Session 2 : Pack up : Curro Durbanville

Please note the following additional officials are needed:

Session 1:

  • ET Operator x 1
  • Chief Timekeepers x 3

Session 2:

  • ET Operator x 1
  • Chief Timekeepers x 3

The meet has been uploaded on MeetMobile.

3rd and Final Set of Reports (22nd Feb)

Note: Any further scratchings should be done on pool deck. Programs will now be printed. Please note that should any official scratch from now, it will be said club’s responsibility to replace the official.


Results of CTMA Qualifying Gala #4