“Early Bird” option: Two-Step High Performance System (T-S HPS©) to be launched in 2019

“Early Bird” option: Two-Step High Performance System (T-S HPS©) to be launched in 2019: Click Here

Early Bird registration: Click Here

(CAPE TOWN) 25th Dec 2018: Revolutionary, proven, world-wide implemented 
TWO-STEP HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEM (T-S HPS©) to be introduced into Vineyard Swimming Club and AquaWolf Aquatics Club starting 2nd Jan 2019.

Pre-2019 “Early Bird” sign-up will be available from 26th Dec 2018
Watch this space for more details!


Early Bird (2018) or Snail (2019)

Cost of T-S HPS© is R10 p.m. if you sign-up before the end of 2018 and R20 p.m. if you sign-up in 2019.

Commitment is for 6 months:
Early Bird 6 x R10 = R60
Snail 6 x R20 = R120

Vineyard and AquaWolf “Early Birds” (as at 30th Dec)

Atkinson, MatthewMale12
Brugers, AmelieFemale9
Brugers, JulietteFemale12
Erasmus, Lauren Female11
Healy, Connor Male11
Hendricks, JemmaFemale9
Hendricks, JoshuaMale11
Olsen, TamrynFemale12
Stevens, JudyFemale10
Stevens, LeslieMale14
Stevens, ShaunLouisMale12
van der Westhuizen, MarcoMale12
Vermeulen, Georg Male12
Vermeulen, Gideon Male14
Ahmed, NihaalFemale11
Altmann, HannahFemale17
Altmann, LukeMale17
Anderson, BenMale12
Anderson, TessFemale10
Bantom, NicoleFemale12
Bantom. DylanMale14
Brock, KatharinaFemale30
Edwards, JudeMale10
Erasmus, Chad Male16
Fisher, StellaFemale11
Gloyn-Jones, Anthony Male11
Jones, RuthFemale13
Kaylee, WiggillFemale12
Lieberman, AdamMale14
Lieberman, AnnaFemale11
Mboyise, DerrickMale12
McCallum, Stephen Male17
Meyer, JoshuaMale11
Mostert, AmmaarahFemale13
Mostert, ZayyaanFemale10
Myers, KirstenFemale8
Myers, MatthewMale13
Naidoo, SashaFemale12
Nordgaard, Erin-BelleFemale12
Pause, HannahFemale15
Pearson, Tai Male11
Renecle, JenFemale13
Renecle, MeganFemale14
Ribeiro, BiancaFemale12
Ribeiro, CaitlynFemale14
Scott, OliviaFemale16
Stanfliet, NicholasMale8
Swarts, KeenoMale13
Van Rooyen, BabetteFemale13
Wolson, DanielMale11
Wykeham, JoshuaMale10