Grand Prix: Durban Grand Prix 26th-28th February 2021 – Kings Park

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Entry Reports V3 (25th Feb)


Psych Sheets (25th Feb)

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Further Instructions (25th Feb)

Dear Coaches
Thank you for entering the Durban Grand Prix at Kings Park Swimming Complex for this weekend. It has been a difficult period to organize a meet with the Covid regulations limiting us to 50 people in the whole complex. 

The result forces us to take some difficult decisions – we are here for the swimmers to be able to at least get some long course racing in before the looming Olympic trials.   In order to give them this opportunity, we have to have the necessary officials in place for official times.   I need to thank Gavin Jackson and Dion Bosman for the trips they have made to Kings Park to make this happen.

To support the coaches and swimmers, the meet will be live streamed thanks to Llewelyn Faber from Stage Group and Meet Mobile will be loaded by Di Doveton. Chris Moolman from Media Ventures will also be filming for further placement on television.

In order to ensure we are within the Covid regulations, we have arranged a reporting marquee outside the facility for the following to occur:

  1. Officials report to this holding area to allow each group of swimmers and their coaches to be in the pool complex during warmup;                   
  2. Once we clear the warmup, ALL coaches must then report to this marquee and the officials then enter the complex;                    
  3. We have arranged live streaming to allow the coaches to watch the racing and a larger TV in this marquee to watch;                    
  4. If there are any sessions where the numbers are lower than the 50 allowed, the coaches with the higher number of swimmers in that session will be allowed to enter the facility. 

PLEASE NOTE – EVERYONE MUST BE WEARING A MASK AT ALL TIMES! Complacency can affect future meets so please ensure you are compliant, and help the two Compliance Officers by monitoring your swimmers as well.  MASKS can only be taken off shortly before the swimmers warm-up, before they swim and before they loosen down. Thanks to North Safety who supplied us masks for the aQuelle Midmar Mile, we do have spare masks at the facility to ensure everyone has access to a mask at all times.

Finally a huge thank you to Rodney du Toit for putting up with my requests to ensue this meet can actually happen. Then to Grace Filipe from Aqua Adrenalin – her support of this Grand Prix has allowed us to make it something special for our swimmers, thank you for this backing that will hopefully be rewarded with some Olympic qualifying times.

Working together for our swimmers in this country and taking their best interests into account is important. Please bare with us as we take each short session one at a time to work through the 3 days. 

Attached are the psych sheets and session report – please ensure that the session report is made available to all your swimmers – we will be sticking strictly to the arrival times of each session.  We will deal with any queries at the manager/coaches meeting on Friday at 14h00.

A link to the Covid screening will be sent out later today and this needs to be completed by all swimmers, coaches and managers before 11am on Friday.  The link will also be sent on the Grand Prix WhatApp group.Good luck to everyone, we wish the swimmers all the best in producing some fast swimming in preparation for the Olympic trials.

Wayne Riddin

Summary of Entries V3 (25th Feb)

Hannah Pearse, Michaela de Villiers, Wikus Potgieter, Tai Pearson

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Entry Reports V2 (23rd Feb) – OLD

Instructions (23rd Feb)

Hi All
Please find attached the entry lists, psych sheets and session report for the Grand Prix.    
Apologies for the delay but we have tried to accommodate all the swimmers.  There are reserves for certain events but they are marked on the psych sheets.
Please check the entries and let me have any corrections by no later than 15h00, Wednesday, 24th February 2021.

1. There will be live streaming of the Grand Prix which will allow coaches and parents to watch the races.
2. Due to the Covid restrictions on the number of people allowed at the facility, coaches will need to leave the facility after warmup.
3. Swimmers need to complete their loosen down and leave the pool immediately to allow the swimmers in the next session to enter the facility for warmups.  Times are on the session report.
4. There will be a Manager/coaches meeting at 14h00 on Friday, 26th February on pool deck (in front of the ETD room)
5. If anyone wants to be on a WhatsApp group please email  with your name and cell phone number.

Kind Regards
Wayne Riddin

Vineyard entries V1

Entries Report (old)

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Vineyard swimmers

Kings Park, Durban

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