CTMA Calendar | Provisional gala schedule (OLD)

CTMA Calendar: Provisional gala schedule (OLD)

Updated 18th April

Please note that the first gala date is currently under review as there is a another booking already at the Fairmont pool. There are 3 possible options for that gala:

  1. Move the gala to Sat 19th May
  2. Have the gala at Fairmont on Sunday 13th May
  3. Request to CoCT if we could possibly make use of LONG STREET on the 12th May.

Update 29th April

Hi all

The first L1/L2 gala will move from 12th May to 19th May, still at Fairmont. I am very aware that the gala now falls in Ramadan (Tues 15th May – Thurs 14th June)

More info as soon as we know more.

You obviously have to be registered as a swimmer and also have at least one parent available to officiate.

Current CTMA Gala Schedule – updated 30th April

Download the picture/image to your phone here: https://vineyardswimming.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Gala-Schedule-30th-April-2018.png

Upcoming Galas – list format

List format:

Month format: