Vineyard at the Commonwealth Trials

Good luck to our 3 Commonwealth trialists: Gavin Smith, Hannah Pearse, Nabeel Sieed.

Who are these people you may ask?

Gavin Smith:

It was clear at a young age that Gavin wanted to achieve greatness, why else would he ask his Grade 2 teacher if Rondebosch would give him time off in 2020 to compete in the Olympics. He often gets inspiration from the great Rocky Balboa’s motivational speech. He is named Gunfire after he swam his first 25m for Brendon when he was 9 years old, ever since then he has been preparing his own 6 scrambled eggs before training.

Hannah Pearse:

To her family, Hannah is known as Spanner, to us: Burt (that nickname changes constantly). You will almost always hear Hannah before you actually see her, if you get stuck in a car with her on the way to a gala however, get ready to listen to Freaks (by Timmy Trumpet) as loud as possible. Not one to have superstitions or anything (she has plenty, ask her sometime), she has a lucky pair of green socks that she wears to galas. The secret to Hannah is simple: Toblerone.

Nabeel Sieed:

Many athletes have their own way of getting “into the zone”, Nabeel is no different: Opting for headphones and loud music, nobody is allowed to disturb him. Being the eldest grandchild, he has earned the title “Boeta” and can often be found playing FIFA and eating popcorn – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like Hannah, Nabeel also has a lucky item, his however is in the form of his first blue Arena costume.

Good luck to our three Vineyard athletes! (and Brendon having to look after them)



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