Gala: Swartland Invitational Gala – Fri 6th and Sat 7th November 2020 – Malmesbury – RESULTS


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Malmesbury Public Swimming Pool, Lang St, Malmesbury
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Weekend weather in Malmesbury

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Reports (6th Nov)

Reports (4th Nov)

  1. Gala Information
  2. Gala Layout PDF – Google Earth
  3. Official worksheets: it’s the clubs responsibility to send a replacement if the officials are unable to work.
  4. Warmup lists: all coaches need to submit the names they will have in each lane that SSC allocated to the clubs. It will be the coaches responsibility to make sure all swimmers know in which lane and time they need to warm-up.
  5. Latest session report
  6. Latest entry list
  7. Referees & Starters list


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Reports (2nd Nov)

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