Social Responsibility: Hubbly Bubbly is NOT Safe

Smoking Hubbly Bubbly is NOT Safe

Hubbly Bubbly is NOT safe…

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Common Hubbly (hookah) Myths

The names may sound cool, but they are not. They are dangerous and addictive killers…

CANSA is especially concerned regarding the increased use of water pipes, hubbly bubbly or hookah-smoking among young people, as their lungs are still growing and smoking can cause permanent damage.

  • Myth 1: Hubbly (hookah) is less harmful than smoking cigarettes
  • Myth 2: Hubbly (hookah) is not addictive
  • Myth 3: Smoke emerging from a Hubbly (hookah) contains fewer toxins

Hubbly (Hookah) Myths Debunked

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