Our training facilities

While Vineyard is mainly based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, we are always looking at expanding our knowledge and reach. We have “satellite” swimmers who register under the banner of Vineyard Swimming Club, swim galas but who train on their own with our guidance.

Below are maps of our pool locations or partners:

Maps to all Vineyard training venues:

  1. Rondebosch Boys’ High School
  2. Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School
  3. St Joseph’s Marist College
  4. Sweet Valley Primary



Rondebosch Boys High School

13 Oakhurst Ave,
Cape Town,, 7700

Rustenburg Girls' Junior School

12 Main Rd,
Cape Town, 7700

St Joseph’s Marist College

Belmont Rd
Cape Town, 7700

Sweet Valley Primary

100 Dreyersdal Rd,
Cape Town, 7945


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