Regional Level #3 – 3rd to 6th April – with results

Regional Level #3:  3rd to 6th April 2018

Venue: UWC indoor 50m pool

Vineyard swimmers

Nihaal Ahmed, Luke Atlmann, Dylan Bantom, Gabriel Blomdal, Payton Brink, Josh-Michael Brown, Erin Daffarn, Logan Dupont, Chanel Du Plessis, Gareth Herbst, Gregor John, HoWon Lee, Adam Lieberman, Joe Louw, Stephen McCallum, Joel Naudè, Reese O’Riordan, Tyra Penney, Melissa Rawkins, Jenna Renecle, Caitlyn Ribeiro, Luke Sproule, Seth Sproule, Nazario Stevens, Roxy Traylor and Rose Williamson.

Reports and Information (updated 16th Mar)

Vineyard entries (extracted 18th Mar)

AquaWolf entries (extracted 18th Mar)

2nd Set of Reports (updated 19th Mar)

3rd Set of Reports (updated 26th Mar)

Results – team scores for “Top 20” teams

Results (PDF format)


“Live” Results







  • Please complete the attached order form and send to accompanied by your POP
  • ORDER FORM: 07. Order sheet – Level 3
  • POP reference: Swimmers surname – Level 3
  • Please do not ask for us to confirm receipt of your email as once order date is past we will send an email to all swimmers for them to check that
    • We have received their order
    • The order capturing is correct


  • Order closing date is Friday 16 March 3pm

T-shirt SIZES

  • T-shirts are unisex so girls and boys get the same size
    • A swimmer aged 11 should wear a 11-12 t-shirt
    • A tiny 11 year old girl (smaller than average) should wear a 9-10 t-shirt
    • An average 15 year old  – Girls should wear a small and boys should wear a medium
    • A bigger than average 15 year old  – girls will wear a medium and boys will wear a large


  • A size range for fittings will be available from at the factory. Please advise us if you are wanting to fit

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  • Orders will be packed by club
  • All orders will be given to the Cape town executive management team who will hand out to the clubs at the gala

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