Gala: CTMA Qualifying Gala #2 (27th-28th Oct) – Results

Gala: CTMA Qualifying Gala #2 (27th-28th Oct)



Entries here please…


  • Timing: Sat 27th and Sun 28th October 2018
  • Address: Fairmont High School
  • Event Cost: R20 per event
    Gala surcharge: R80
  • Entries closing date: Mon 15th October 2018, 9pm
  • Please note there are rules for the gala.
    — Participation at the QUALIFYING galas, will be dependent on the swimmer being FULLY CAPITATED, having achieved 1 x Level 2 QT and have participated in a minimum of one (1)100m or 200m Individual Medley.
    — Swimmers may enter 200 IM + 4 events

Entries (17th Oct)

1st Set of Reports from CTMA (22nd Oct)

2nd Set of Reports from CTMA (25th Oct)


(Download, open and “search” for your name or surname)

3rd Set of Reports (26th Oct)


Dear Clubs,

Attached please find 3rd set of reports.  Please note that no more changes or extra entries will be allowed.  Any further scratchings need to be done on pool deck.

Please note that the Meet Program attached is only a preliminary report – THIS WILL CHANGE – as we are reseeding before each session starts after scratchings has closed.

REMINDER : Clubs on duty, please check which session you are up for duty (highlighted in yellow).

Kind Regards
Lucinda Koch
CTMA Swimboard Convenor