Gala: CTMA Level 2&Up, gala #2 on 13th July at Reddam, Somerset West


Summary of Results

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Updated Officials List (using 10 lanes)

Attached please find amended officials list.
We are still short on the following:
SESSION 1 : 4 Judges, 5 Timekeepers
SESSION 3 : 3 Judges
SESSION 4 : 3 Judges

Final reports (12th July)


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**Please note** – No Shows = R300 fine / Scratch timeously

Also note that we are short of officials in Session 1, 3 & 4.  All officials & club duty representatives to report 45min before the start of each session.

We are making use of an new venue, please familiarise yourselves with the rules below:


  • No running, pushing, dunking, rough games or horse-play will be allowed.
  • Proper swimming attire to be worn at all times.
    • This includes but is not limited to the following
      • Swimming cap
      • Proper swimming costume, no baggy pants or loose-fitting clothes
  • The use of the diving blocks may only occur under instruction from an authorised coach.
  • No eating or drinking will be allowed in the swimming pool.
  • No glass or alcoholic beverages allowed in pool area.
  • Swimmers are to refrain from hanging, lying or sitting on the lane ropes.
  • Swimmers who have visible, open wounds will not be allowed to swim.
  • No pets allowed in pool area.
  • No-one may tamper with any equipment installed to control or monitor access to the Centre.

Special Events:

  • Those organising such events will ensure that proper permission has been obtained for use of the facility and that first aiders are present for any period that the Centre is open
  • The facility will be left in the condition that it was found.
  • Any damages that are caused will be billed to the organising person or company.
  • If found to be in breach of the rules:
    • Outside users may have their access to the Centre revoked for a period of time, including permanently.
    • If appropriate, criminal charges will be laid.

Access to the Centre

  • No-one under the age of 16 may enter the Aquatics Centre unless accompanied by an authorised user as defined in this document.


Any injury incurred, loss of property, damage to property, or death, will not be the responsibility of Reddam House Somerset, or any of its employees.

Reports (9th July)

Venue: Reddam House, Somerset West

Google map:

Google map:


Lane Allocations for Warm-up

** Please ignore previous warm-up lane allocation summary.  Summary below is the correct one.

Session: 1   SANJ+ : Open
SAAW-CPSwimlab Aquatic Academy1612281+2
VINE-CPVineyard Swimming Club98173+4
CYBE-CPCybersmart Aquatics59145+6
REDAQ-CPReddam Aquatics3037
TYGE-CPTygerberg Aquatics1238
CAMPS-CPCamps Bay Swimming Club0119
QUIC-CPQuick Silver Swimming Academy01110
Session: 2   L2&3 : 11 & under
TYGE-CPTygerberg Aquatics107171
VINE-CPVineyard Swimming Club65112
QUIC-CPQuick Silver Swimming Academy5383
BARR-CPBarracudas Aquarama SC5274
ASA-CPAqua Sharks Academy2355
CYBE-CPCybersmart Aquatics1456
BLMA-CPBlouberg Marlins2247
GREY-CPGreydogs Swimming Club1348
SAAW-CPSwimlab Aquatic Academy2249
MANT-CPManta SC21310
REDAQ-CPReddam Aquatics21310
AQDO-CPAqua Dolphin Swimming Club1129
AQWO-CPAquaWolf Aquatics Club2022
CAMPS-CPCamps Bay Swimming Club1128
WEST-CPWestridge Swimming2027
CLSC-WCCurro Langebaan Swim Club1016
KHAY-CPKhayelitsha Aquatics1015
UWCA-CPUWC Aquatics1014
XSAQ-CPX-Stream Aquatics1013
Session: 3   L2&3 : 12 – 13 years
SAAW-CPSwimlab Aquatic Academy64101
VINE-CPVineyard Swimming Club73102
CYBE-CPCybersmart Aquatics7183
TYGE-CPTygerberg Aquatics5384
MARL-CPMarlin Swimming Club4375
AQWO-CPAquaWolf Aquatics Club1346
ASA-CPAqua Sharks Academy1237
MANT-CPManta SC2138
QUIC-CPQuick Silver Swimming Academy1239
BARR-CPBarracudas Aquarama SC02210
GREY-CPGreydogs Swimming Club20210
REDAQ-CPReddam Aquatics1129
WALM-CPWalmers SC0228
CUHE-OBCurro Hermanus Aquatics0117
KHAY-CPKhayelitsha Aquatics0116
PAQU-CEPaarl Aquarius SC1015
UWCA-CPUWC Aquatics1014
WEST-CPWestridge Swimming01110
XSAQ-CPX-Stream Aquatics1019
Session: 4   L2&3 : 14 & over
SAAW-CPSwimlab Aquatic Academy29111
TYGE-CPTygerberg Aquatics55102
QUIC-CPQuick Silver Swimming Academy4373
VINE-CPVineyard Swimming Club3474
ASA-CPAqua Sharks Academy2355
CUHE-OBCurro Hermanus Aquatics2356
MANT-CPManta SC3257
BARR-CPBarracudas Aquarama SC1348
CYBE-CPCybersmart Aquatics2249
MARL-CPMarlin Swimming Club22410
AQDO-CPAqua Dolphin Swimming Club12310
REDAQ-CPReddam Aquatics0339
UWCA-CPUWC Aquatics1238
WALM-CPWalmers SC1237
AQWO-CPAquaWolf Aquatics Club0224
KHAY-CPKhayelitsha Aquatics0226
XSAQ-CPX-Stream Aquatics0115