AquaBear 2018, 4th-7th Oct: All the info and REPORTS

AquaBear 2018: All the info

Venue: Newton Park, PE


Please download and read both these documents (29th July)


  • Vineyard will be sending a team and Vineyard Coaches
  • Depending on age and maturity, you can send your child with the team or you can accompany your swimmer. Your choice.
  • The team will (depending on the numbers) stay in a B&B and we will organise transport.
  • More information to follow

Entries (Opened 19th Aug, close 7th Sept)

  • Entries here:
  • Please have a look at the Program on the link above to understand the events, age groups, Prelims/Timed-Finals/Finals (P/TF/F) per Session before you do your entries. Also enter Relays if you are available.
  • ENTRIES CLOSE Friday 7th September 2018. NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED.

Swimmers so far (Thurs 13th Sept)

  1. Brink, Payton
  2. Brown, Josh
  3. Daffarn, Eri
  4. De Villiers, Michaela
  5. Du Plessis, Chanel
  6. Fisher, Stella
  7. Harrod, Tanna
  8. John, Gregor
  9. Jones, Ruth
  10. Lee, Wonhee
  11. McCallum, Stephen
  12. Naude, Joel
  13. Potgieter, Wikus
  14. Renecle, Jen
  15. Renecle, Megan
  16. Rey, Seb
  17. Ribeiro, Bianca
  18. Ribeiro, Caitlyn
  19. Rippon, Georgia
  20. Scott, Olivia
  21. Smith, Gavin
  22. Swarts, Keeno
  23. Wiggill, Kaylee

The gala is essentially split into two…
▪ 12&Under. Timed finals each day; usually starting around noon.
▪ 13&Over. Prelims in the morning, finals late afternoon/evening.

Here are our 25 22 Vineyard swimmers and their ages.
Wonderful relay potential too!

12 & Under – Female
1 Du Plessis, Chanel F 11
2 Fisher, Stella F 11
3 Brink, Payton F 12
4 Ribeiro, Bianca F 12
5 Wiggill, Kaylee F 12

13 & Over – Female
1 Harrod, Tanna F 13
2 Jones, Ruth F 13
3 Renecle, Jen F 13
4 Daffarn, Eri F 14
5 Renecle, Megan F 14
6 Ribeiro, Caitlyn F 14
7 De Villiers, Michaela F 15
8 Rippon, Georgia F 16
9 Scott, Olivia F 16

13 & Over – Male
1 Potgieter, Wikus M 13
2 Swarts, Keeno M 13
3 Brown, Josh M 14
4 John, Gregor M14
5 Lee, Won Hee M 15
6 Rey, Seb M 15
7 McCallum, Stephen M 16
8 Smith, Gavin M 16
9 Naude, Joel M 17

Entries so far. Submitted!! Please check. (Thurs 13th Sept)

WhatsApp group (Vineyard AquaBear PE 2018)

Ask to join.

1st Set of Reports from AquaBear (Thurs 20th Sept)

2nd Set of Reports from AquaBear (Wed 26th Sept)

Final Set of Reports from AquaBear (Tues 2nd Oct)

Final-final set of Reports from AquaBear (Wed 3rd Oct)

Officials (Vineyard, please help!)

Hi all,
We are desperately short of officials especially in some sessions. (See attached lists).
Please make yourself available where you can in order that the gala can run smoothly.
Kind regards
Linda Mould
Aquabear Swim Club



Gavin wins first Gold for Vineyard: 400m Free, Men 15 & Over

1st Gavin Smith (VINE) 16 4:12.45
2nd Cameron Casali (INFINITY) 16  4:13.52
3rd Brandon Chapman (PEA) 15 4:16.22

More pics…