50 Swim Tips for Junior and Age Group Swimmers

Over many years I have watched swimmers of all ages and abilities take part in swimming training sessions and compete at swim meets.

‘50 Swim Tips for Junior & Age Group Swimmers’ lists my observations and recommendations on how swimmers can improve in their swimming and how parents can support their child’s involvement in the sport.

The tips will assist swimmers of all ages to improve how they train and how they swim each of the four competitive strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Junior and age group swimmers will be the ones who will benefit the most by reading and practicing the suggestions in these tips.

The book begins by listing 20 of the most important tips based on observations at training sessions. By following these tips, swimmers will be able to dramatically improve their swimming and associated technique, skills and drills. Swimmers who actively improve in these areas will also show major improvements in their competition performance over time.

Health and nutrition is an important part of every swimmers training and competition program. The tips in this chapter will assist swimmers to perform at their best by eating well and staying hydrated.

Parent education is very important in the sport of swimming and the next section provides tips for swimming parents on how they can best support their child.

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