Lane Ropes: OctaSphere

The Future is Here: OctaSphere lane ropes

OctaSphere – the Future is Here

The Problem…

The problem with normal lane rope discs and discs with fins are the broken and dangerous discs with sharp edges. 

The Solution…

The solution is using OctaSphere technology.

The Future is Here – OctaSphere lane ropes. Light, strong, no sharp edges.


Installed at Rondebosh Boys’ High School (water polo field), Joan Harrison (water polo field) and Virgin Active Constantia swimming pool (seen here). 

Other reference sites too around the country.

OctaSphere lane ropes

OctaSphere – unique futuristic design, strong, no sharp edges

More about OctaSphere lane ropes…

More Information…

OctaSphere lane ropes:
— Can be installed anywhere in the country. Water polo or swimming. 
— Can be made to your own colours. 
— About same pricing as large disc/fin lane ropes.
— 21 day order time, made-to-order from factory in Cape Town.


Gary Bonney 083-642-2664