4th Apr 2020 all-day
Robben Island

To celebrate Freedom Day (27 April 1994), which marks the beginning of democracy in South Africa, an iconic swim from Robben Island to Big Bay is held annually. The 2020 Freedom Swim is scheduled for the 4th of April 2020.


Dear Freedom fighters,
[please share with other swimmers, just in case]

Lock down is here, surreal as it is, it is REAL. So, first of all, we hope you are all well, weathering it well and we hope to see everyone on the other side of this war, healthy and raring for open water action.

Freedom swim is officially postponed until further notice until we get clarity on our future post Covid 19 Pandemic. As the founder and owner of the event, I have decided to refund you 100% of your entry fees. Our sponsors have retained their funds and we do have some costs to cover, however, we do have all the caps, medals, towels and prizes which saved us some costs and we truly hope to be able to use in the future.

I have requested BigBay to transfer all proceeds of entry fees to Freedom Swim so we can manage the refunds. All swimmers who paid entry fees – please send your full name and banking details to and we will process the refund as soon as we receive all the funds from Big Bay Events.

Freedom Swim will come back, however, in a different format once the war is over and we are back to normal life. The new format will be exciting and spread over the season to make sure everyone gets their swim done with little gamble on weather conditions.

There are no winners in this V-War and we are all scared and worried. Fighting an invisible enemy is worse than terrorism, it has no objectives or mission, it just like to travel. Lets hope it finds a new focus and leave us alone soon. This is time for kindness and care, and we all are thinking about you and your passion for swimming. Keep fit, keep safe, keep sane and stay and Home.

We hope to see you back in the water soon…

Ram Barkai
Freedom Swim (Pty) Ltd.
Owner and sole director